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Charting the style of daily life...with the mouth of a sailor.

Hello! I'm Jennifer, creator of Navigate with Style...


I am a beauty product junkie, elephant lover, iced latte drinker, handbag collector, design fan, container home enthusiast, movie buff, aspiring labyrinth designer, math failure, former competitive figure skater, germophobe, reusable shopping bag champion, satellite radio subscriber & sunglasses aficionado. I'm also a Mrs & a Mumma. 

I was born and raised in Indiana and always had a craving for the latest and greatest beauty products and style trends. I've been devouring glossy magazines since my pre-teen years and knew that one day I would work within the world of style. For the last decade I've been part of the management team for a high end, Boston based salon, spa and boutique company. I recently moved back to Indiana with the desire to share what I've learned from my time on the East Coast. The fashion & beauty industries can be intimidating for some but through NWS I aim to make the conversation about style accessible to and fun for all. If you'd like to read more about my style sensibility, click here.

I am now working as a freelance writer, blogger and columnist and my work has appeared in various publications in print and on the web. Check out my full profile to learn more.

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