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Slow Down

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This Fall threw me for a loop.

I made multiple trips to Massachusetts to help manage a family health issue. These trips were stressful in some ways but in others, quite pleasant. I made sure to find at least one reason to smile each day I was there. From multiple visits to my favorite cafe to taking hundreds of pictures of the beach, I just love being on the Cape, no matter the reason, no matter the season.

I came home for a few days between Massachusetts trips to take part in Middle Waves Music Festival and it was the exact right decision. The fun and excitement (and long hours on my feet) made for a perfect distraction. 

Once my Massachusetts trips were done, I had my own health issue that forced me into the hospital for a handful of days. I'm doing just fine and recovering well from a trio of minor surgeries. I lost a week of work but no matter... I left the hospital with a new perspective, one that I hope will guide me toward a more peaceful future. 

I want less. Less physical stuff, less body mass, less on my calendar.

While I'm a consumer and love beauty products, clothing and accessories, and feathering our family nest, I'm going to buy less, but up the quality with things that will last. My plan is to only buy pieces I truly love and which fill a specific need (or worthy want). I'm also going to be getting rid of a ton of things I've been holding on to for far too long. It's time to purge...

I need to move my body more, plain and simple. While I'd love to shed a few pounds, my goal is to be more healthy, to get my muscles moving, and my brain. I've signed up for a month of semi-private Pilates classes to help me jump start. 

I love hanging with my friends and I don't want less of them - but I do need to be more mindful about how I spend my time. I've been learning to say no to professional opportunities but I'm going to get more aggressive in this area. 

I want more. More time with my little family, more physical activity (that will help with the whole less body mass thing), more cheese (that might just negate the physical activity), more experiences, more laughter (and I already get a lot of that, but I want even more).

As I head into the holidays, I plan to celebrate the hell out of the season by embracing these goals. More family, more movement, more laughter, more cheese...

Rise & Shine

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I'm in makeover mode right now, but for my life. The push-pull of modern life can be a pain but I feel like I'm finally figuring things out. I've been reading about the routines of successful women and have noticed a common theme: badass bitches wake up early. So, my latest challenge is to start waking up well before I need to.

I'm going to rise before the sun so I can have time to meditate, make myself some tea, then sit at my computer to get some work done before all the emails start rolling in. I might even make a hot breakfast for my kids! 

Mornings at Chez Fox tend to be a little hectic. Making lunches, searching for coats and shoes, brushing teeth and getting out the door on time is a universal struggle. Surely waking up earlier will help reduce that, right? We shall see... 

Fair Winds and Following Seas

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The little details in and around my beloved Fairwinds, are some of the most treasured of my Cape Cod experience each year. The antique door latches, the weathered shingles and worn boards of the boardwalk, the collections of rocks and other beach treasures that assemble around the house, the muted colors of each corner, the salty sand in our front yard that acts as a blank canvas, wiped clean after each high tide, these are the small bits of loveliness I keep in my mind all year long. 

May you have fair winds and following seas.
— traditional nautical blessing

Yeah Buoy!

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I like to customize EVERYTHING and am constantly dreaming up new ways to put my stamp on even the most mundane of things. In another life, I might have started my own monogram or personalization biznaz...

We've been DIY-ing shirts to mark special occasions (or just for the hell of it) for years and years. Since we can't take our pup Buoy Darling with us when we head to the Cape, this year's shirt brought him along in spirit. 


We also made shirts for the boys for a little shameless promotion for FoxSea. Keyoote, right?


Yikes, Stripes!

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I've been going over my #CapeSoHard photos and noticed a theme: STRIPES!

Road Trip!

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  Every Summer, we head east, on a pilgrimage to my family's true home. Even the years when my little family lived in Boston, we still highly anticipated our much shorter Summer drives to Cape Cod. 

This year, my husband took our oldest son to Florida for a soccer match between their two favorite teams, the Tottenham Hot Spurs and Paris Saint Germain. So, I headed east with our youngest and made a mini trip of it, stopping in Pittsburgh and then Philadelphia, on our way to the Cape, where we all reunited. My road trip photo diary below...

The Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA

The Ace Hotel is badass. I love all the details of this boutique hotel and can't wait to check out their sister properties. We took a walk around the block to see our neighborhood before settling in at the hotel, exploring the super cool nooks and crannies until we had to check out and get back on the road.

Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA

On one of the hottest f^ck!ng days of the year, we arrived at our dear friends' house, just outside of Philly, in Berwyn. She prepared a delicious picnic dinner for us and took us to dine al fresco at the most gorgeous park, Chanticleer Gardens, in nearby Wayne (my photos do NOT do this place justice). We had an absolute blast, even though we were sweltering, and it was great to catch up with such treasured friends.

Arrival: Cape Cod!

After driving off Cape (in tears), we piled back in the car, this time all four of us Foxes, and headed home. To break the trip up, we spent a night in Pittsburgh, along with my brother and his family, and treated ourselves to a day at The Warhol Museum, before completing the final leg of our journey back to Indiana. The Warhol is a MUST EXPERIENCE for all ages. 

The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA

I love a good road trip and we packed a lot into getting to our destinations. Now to start planning for next year...

Cape So Hard 2017

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Each year's Cape trip involves old favorites, new discoveries, treasured traditions and new ones made. We chase tides, splashing in the ocean as much as possible. We do our best to make a dent in the local lobster population, and set lofty ice cream goals. Temporary tattoos on a rainy day and a fresh batch of boogie boards delighted the littles, while finding the best Boston Fruit Slices made me downright giddy. A Cape League baseball game is always a good time for all, as are jaunts to Provincetown, as well as mini adventures to previously undiscovered locales. Our first ever trip to the Wellfleet Drive-In Theater was a hit and will definitely be added to our yearly list of must-do's. Whew!

Day Trip to Boston

We lived in Boston for a decade and have lots of favorites to check in on each year, though we can never get to them all in one day. Since BDF was born in Boston, we also strive to keep old memories fresh and make new ones with him, so he never feels like a stranger in the city of his birth. 

One of the most delightful new discoveries was the Happy Fish Bakery in Yarmouth, where the atmosphere is simple and chic, the fresh baked bread is the stuff of dreams and the almond croissants are heavenly. Early morning trips to Happy Fish (before the bread sells out) are now mandatory going forward. Shout out to my sister in law for showing ME something new on Cape Cod.

Leaving is always full of anguish, my own treasured childhood memories now intertwined with my offspring's. Our only relief is knowing we'll be back, ready to make ever more memories and discoveries. We love you Cape Cod!

We are lucky, indeed!

Get FoxSea at the Beach

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Shimmer and shine, like the magical mermaid you are, with FoxSea Skin's Gilded Universal Oil. This golden elixir hydrates dry skin with the nourishing, natural oils and therapeutic essential oil blend found in the best-selling Universal Oil, but with a dose of metallic shimmer for a healthy, beautiful sheen.

I took my sweet-ass time formulating this product. I struggled because in the bottle, it looks pretty OTT. I wasn't sure if customers would be wary of that much shimmer or would be disappointed if it didn't look the same on their skin as it did in the bottle. What I really wanted was a light, subtle shimmer, a sheen that's barely detectable and that's what I got. I hope you like it just as much as I do.

It looks fab-u-lous on all skin tones, especially on (responsibly) sun-kissed skin. I took a bottle with me on vacation and really enjoyed the oohs and aahs of friends and family who tried it, especially my sweet 6 year old niece. 

Gilded Universal Oil is currently exclusively available at Idlehour Boutique - and they ship.

Come to Middle Waves and get glowing with a complementary application of Gilded Universal Oil + a golden temporary tattoo for even more pizzazz, if you're into that sort of thing.


Beach Please

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Beach, please! 

Make a splash this Summer with everything you need for the perfect beach escape. 

Be the first to score FoxSea Skin's latest launch: Gilded Universal Oil, a shimmering, golden version of the much loved multi-tasking oil. You'll also learn expert styling tips for achieving amazing beach waves from the lovely ladies of Salon Renew, and Pure Movement Pilates Studio will offer a few key mat Pilates moves, perfect for keeping bikini bods in check while on vacation. While you're here, stock up on the most stylish beach essentials, such as chic caftans, tanks and tees, bkr bottles, lightweight totes, and unbreakable plates, simply splendid for beach picnics.

Join us for this fun-filled evening, celebrating the best of Summer! #BeachVibesOnly

Tuesday, July 18th, 5 - 8p @ Idlehour Boutique in #DTFW

White Wave

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The name Jennifer, especially in my age group, is laughably common. I've spent my life with tons of Jennifer's and while I think the name is pretty, the sheer number of us makes it just a tad boring.

When I was a child, I wanted to change my name to Jennifer alternate's, Genevieve or Guinevere, just to be different, more unique. And over my lifetime, I've been known by a few aliases. My family calls me Jennie (my brother insists on spelling it Jenny, which drives me batty), my college friends and in-laws call me Jenna and everyone I ever met in Massachusetts calls me Jen. My maternal grandmother used to call me Jen-Boo, which I loved, so after she passed away, my sister decided to keep that going. I have one friend who is also authorized to use that name and I love hearing it.

When I was very young, my grandmother gave me a small, laminated card of my name and its meaning, White Wave. These two words had weight. They were significant and made me feel I belonged to the name Jennifer. I have always been most at home on my beloved Cape Cod, where I felt the most free and where I got to be among the people I loved most. I only ever wanted to be on the Cape, frolicking in the surf, doing cartwheels and axels on the low-tide flats, eating ice cream with my grandparents after dinner each night.

While I currently spend most of my days far away from Cape Cod, my name's meaning continues to give me a daily, and deep, connection to the ocean.

No matter where I am, or where I live, I am White Wave.

Navigating Sunscreen

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I have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen, which I feel is not unique to me. It's incredibly important to protect your delicate skin from the damaging and harmful rays of the sun. But it's such a pain in the ass. The sheer number of options is dizzying and it's hard to know what to choose. Cream vs. stick vs. spray. Physical block vs. chemical block. Ugh. But I now know wearing sunscreen is a MUST.

I used to roast myself on the beach with cooking oil, for crying out loud. I "splurged" one year and bought myself a gorgeous, bronze bottle of Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil. Sigh... If I could go back in time and slap myself in the face (with the proper SPF), I would. Nothing will age skin faster than sun exposure. To keep skin youthful and clear of sun spots, it's vital to wear SPF. Beyond that, tanning can lead to skin cancer, especially for those with fair skin, which can be deadly.

In my late twenties, I had three pre-cancerous spots removed from my skin, two of which I could trace back to a particularly bad sunburn ON TOP of an already bad sunburn. Go figure. Now, I'm the chick on the beach covered in rash guards, Zinka nose coat and a giant floppy hat. My kids groan when I force them into their rash guards but I refuse to expose their sweet, peachy, perfect skin to those rays. They can thank me later.

I've tried tons of sunscreen formulas and options, with less than stellar results. This is why I was thrilled to read a round up of top rated sunscreens, tested and compiled by the fab Check out their very thorough research then snap up a few bottles to protect the skin you're in!

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My island vibes tend to skew more Nantucket than Maui but every now and then, I like a jaunty palm print or a juicy pineapple accessory. These are my picks for adding a little tropical vibe to Summer.

At Home

At the Beach

On Your Bod

fresh eats

Bring tropical tastes into the kitchen, while you're at it. These are the recipes I'm most looking forward to trying this season.

* Jala-piña, courtesy of Food & Wine - I like my cocktails with a kick.

* Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Skewers - I'll be nixing that onion, though. #vileweed

* Pineapple Cucumber Salad - Oooh, #FreshEats, indeed!

Get the sun kissed glow of an island girl for face & body.

If there’s a heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.
— Jimmy Buffett

Dreaming of Peaches

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The Peach Truck came back to town and I went bananas. Instead of freezing a portion of my 25 pounds of fresh bounty, I decided to plan all our meals for one week around these sweet babies. And that's how #PeachWeek came to be. 

All recipes are via The Peach Truck, except for the vinaigrette. Click the name of the dish for a direct link to each recipe.

peach salad dressing

This dressing recipe from was delicious but could use a little extra tang. Mr. Fox is going to play around next time, swapping the cayenne out for a smidge of whole seed mustard, as we end up generally doing with all our homemade vinaigrettes.

peach icebox cake

This was ridiculously easy and so delicious. Plus, anything served in a trifle bowl feels extra special. The whipped heavy cream, sugar and two extracts was a heavenly combo and I could have just stopped there, dipping peaches into the cream like chips and salsa. My one change is that instead of the vanilla Greek yogurt, I'll use plain yogurt and up the amount of vanilla extract next time.

peach gazpacho

On my Summer bucket list, I said I wanted to learn how to make a kickass (traditional) gazpacho. While this doesn't take its place, this dish was my FAV-O-RITE this week and I'll be making it over and over again. I didn't include cilantro since Mr. Fox loathes it. Next time, I'll make two separate batches so I can taste the full recipe. Also - the diced cucumber and peach garnish makes such a difference in the presentation but I snapped this pic after all our garnish was consumed.

peach infused vodka

Peach Infused Vodka

This is was a no-brainer. I only wish I'd had enough peaches to also try the Infused Bourbon recipe as well. I'm looking forward to trying this vodka in 7 days, and again in 10 days, if necessary, to make sure it's developing correctly. Then, I'm going to have a blast experimenting with various Summery cocktails!

peach popsicles

Popsicles, Two Ways: Peach & Greek Yogurt and Peach Lemonade

I love my Koji popsicle molds from Target and every Summer, my boys look forward to homemade popsicles (making them is half the fun). I followed the yogurt recipe to a T but to the lemonade pops, I also added lemon zest BECAUSE I LOVE LEMONS SO MUCH!

peach iced tea

I really strayed from this recipe because I don't like sweet tea and I only have loose herbal teas in my pantry. So, I used my Rishi Jasmine Pearls to brew the tea and skipped adding the sugar. The peach flavor was light but refreshing, though my tea was a little weak. And I completely forgot about the fresh mint (which I normally love) so I'll need to revisit this recipe and stick to the directions (except I probably still won't add the sugar).

I've had so much fun trying new things in the kitchen this week. While I can't wait for The Peach Truck to come back around, I won't be waiting a full year to make some of these recipes again. If you come across any must-try peach recipes, send them my way!

An apple is an excellent thing — until you’ve tried a peach.
— George du Maurier

Sea Fresh

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You may not reside on a coast but that doesn't mean you can't pretend to when it comes to your Summer beauty regime. With ingredients like sea salt and marine extracts, these fab products bring the seaside right to you. Here's my round up of new faves that will make you feel as fresh as an outdoor shower after a day at the beach, no matter where you live.

Sachajuan's line is expertly formulated but I must admit that I'm easily won over by their minimalist packaging as well. I love R+Co's Sail Soft Wave Spray because it adds that piece-y texture we're all after but without the crunch or stickiness of other brands. 

I'm an absolute sucker for anything sea salt. Ahava's innovative Liquid Dead Sea Salt is a fantastic way to exfoliate the body, effectively yet gently. I adore nearly the entire Mario Badescu line, especially the Seaweed Cleansing Soap, which contains bits of anti-inflammatory seaweed and is great for removing makeup as well as cleansing.

Thalgo Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask instantly plumps, soothes and hydrates facial skin in mere minutes - great for your post-sun, post-swim routine. The next best thing to swimming among seaweed in the ocean is taking a luxurious bath in The Organic Pharmacy's Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak.

So Fresh!

Bonus, zero dollar, Summer beauty tip: Stash as many of your beauty products as you can fit in the fridge for extra cooling applications. I store eye cream, fragrance, body oil and facial mist in mine. Perhaps when I renovate my master bath, I'll carve out a space for a little dorm fridge. #nextlevel