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Summer Treat For Tresses

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After too much fun in the sun (What sun? It's been raining all damn Summer) your hair, if anything like mine, is one giant bale of hay. The only thing that can restore lustre is an extended session with Kerastase Masqintense.  For an intense moisture mask, shampoo hair as usual but do not condition. After you hop out of the shower, gently blot hair with an old t shirt or soft chamois cloth. Start with a small dollop of the product and work through from root to tip, adding more as needed. But don't be wasteful --- a little goes a long way. Wrap your hair up in a shower cap then cover with a warm towel turban for at least 15 minutes. Rinse and then style as usual. Need extra TLC? I sleep with it in my hair overnight and rinse out the next morning. At $62.50, this mask is a splurge. But trust me, Kerastase is worth the price tag.