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On Cape

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No place on earth can make me feel the way I do when I'm on Cape Cod. My grandfather insisted his grandchildren knew what it meant to summer on Cape. He and my grandmother spent all their childhood summers here, made sure their children made Cape memories and wanted us (my sister, brother and me) to be able to do the same. The importance and value of their gift is immeasurable. With our grandparents, we learned about the history of the area, learned how to properly fold the American flag during morning and evening ceremonies (he was a Captain in the Navy) and thoroughly reviewed all the local ice cream joints. With our mother, we spent lots of time swimming and building sand castles, exploring quaint towns along Route 6A and dismantling as many lobsters as possible. Now, our grandparents are gone and we three grandchildren have families of our own. To be able to share this family home, where I have a lifetime of memories, with my own children is more special than words could ever describe. The gift of Cape Cod is one that keeps on giving. All I can say is Thank You and hope my grandparents, floating somewhere out there in the ether, can hear me.