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Wash Up

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You spent time and money for this season's perfect swimsuit. Take care of it. Here's how:

* Rinse the salt or chlorine off before you soak your suit. I like to wear mine for the first minute in the shower for a proper rinse. It's much easier to remove the sand and seaweed that way. 

* Fill a basin (bucket or sink) with warm-ish water, adding about one tablespoon of mild detergent (I like Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Detergent or Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap Baby Unscented). 

* Give the soapy water a swirl to fully blend and to get the suds going then add your suit. Gently hand wash for no less than 5 minutes. I like a nice figure eight swirling motion.

* Empty the basin of soapy water and run cool water over your suit until suds are gone.

* Blot (NEVER wring or twist) with a clean towel then allow to air dry inside or in the shade on a drying rack (hanging from a line can cause stretching).

* If I can't break you from washing your swimsuit in the machine, at least put it in a protective mesh laundry bag and NEVER, EVER put it in the dryer.