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24 Hours in Grand Rapids

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To kick off Spring Break (one without real plans to travel), we drove up to Grand Rapids, Michigan with some good friends. From our exploration of the amazing Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park to exploring downtown Grand Rapids, it was a fun family trip. A last-minute detour to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright home capped off the weekend. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Meijer, the total opposite of what would be a gloomy week to follow. 

Ai Wei Wei is a badass. 

Nice hotel, good dinner out with drinks after + a detour the next day for lovely macarons and a visit to a record store that happens to bear my maiden name. 

Went to great lengths for this shot of the Anchor Bar sign. 

Clearly, my oldest and I were enthralled with the bathrooms at the May house... I just can't explain it.