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55 Hours in Atlanta

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Once a year, we take an adults-only trip with our besties from Boston...

Kid-free long weekend ahead! Look at our peaceful smiles...

The Margaret Mitchell Museum was small but fun (for me, anyway) and filled with cool Gone With the Wind information. It's such an epic movie, a classic that will live forever, despite its controversies. The museum offered a little peek into the life of Mitchell (what a saucy minx she was!) as well as the making of her book into the legendary film. 

Drinks, dinner and drinks. The Café Intermezzo drinks menu is YOOOOGE. I ordered a French 75. Dinner was at Restaurant Eugene. I don't remember what I ordered but I know everything was fantastic. #toomanydrinks 

Kicked off the day with a treatment at the Bliss spa in our hotel (Side note: I love hotels. I love spas. I want so badly to live in a hotel and get spa treatments on the regular). Walked the Beltline (stopped for a bit at Paris on Ponce where I bought a tiny, furry alpaca figure - don't ask) to Ponce City Market and fell in love. The market is an old Sears building, transformed into a very stylish multi-use complex. Hop's chicken sandwich in the food hall was delicious (fried chix is a must in the south) and I really loved their jazzy branding. On our way to our next destination, we swung by a sculpture created by one of our traveling companion's brother for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. We then randomly picked a Marriott for a quick bathroom and coffee break, only to discover a crazy sculptural interior design. 'Twas an unexpected treat. 

We hit up the World of Coca-Cola and tried out the various sodas of the world. Bonbon Anglais was lovely, coconut-ty and tasted like a tropical vacation. Beverly was disgusting - I can't even begin to describe it. Horrendous. We decided on a tie for the best name: Kuat & Delaware Punch.  After a much-needed rest from the frenetic, sugary soda experience, dinner was at Cakes & Ale. I had a few cocktails and while I know my food was good, I just can't remember what I ordered. I think my love for the Hop's chicken sandwich prevented me from making any other culinary memories during the weekend. Fried chicken, FTW.

Drove to Buckhead to peep all the cool homes I'll never own and ran across the stately and gorgeous Swan House.

Boarded our plane to come home then sent a selfie to the kiddos. This was their response. #happydance

But the best thing about our trip was our decision to document our adventures using my current favorite app, Boomerang.

Where will next year's destination be? I'd like to head west...