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Cape So Hard

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This year was our shortest family vacation on Cape Cod, due to a factor beyond our control. Thus, we packed it in. Multiple cones of peppermint ice cream were licked, plenty of bottles of rosé were consumed, bi-planes were flown, lighthouses were photographed, rocks were climbed, shops were shopped, kayaks were paddled, lobsters were murdered and the beautiful views were adored and savored by all. We swam in the drink every day except for one (day trip to ACK), soaking up as much sand, sea and salt to last us until next time... which will be much longer than one week, dammit. 

Low tide, bare buns and Cafe Chew, oh my!

Papa & BDF flew in a replica of the Red Baron over Cape Cod Bay. PCF was quite happy with the toy version, which made Mumma happy.

One of our best days involved a trip to "somewhere only we know", followed by our favorite ice cream before (!!!) dinner.

Low tide in the rain, a new favorite shop (the boys dramatically pretended to nap) and a tearful goodbye on our last day...

Until next time, Cape Cod.

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