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Crests of Waves

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I don't have the right words to truly and fully express the joy I felt at the first ever Middle Waves music festival in #DTFW. My husband and I were kidless for the weekend, which was enough to make us downright giddy. Our entire weekend revolved around the Middle Waves schedule, which included seeing (and making new) friends, experiencing so many great shows (The Legendary Trainhoppers, Sankofa, Best Coast, The Orange Opera, Doomtree, Tanlines, and more), a beautiful and fragrant eucalyptus crown, courtesy of Photanical, to wear for the Saturday shows, fab food, tasty bevvies and a perhaps life-changing, magical show by The Flaming Lips (Glitter! Confetti! Lights! Inflatables! Pom Poms!) . The festival was chock-full of fun extras and experiences throughout the venues and the weekend was flawlessly executed by a team of hardworking, dedicated and creative people, many of which I can claim as friends. Middle Waves is one of my newest fav-o-rite things and I cannot wait until next year's bash! As soon as the dates are released, I'll need to hit up my wonderful in-laws for babysitting duty...

I don't have many pictures from the weekend but a hashtag search of #MiddleWaves on IG will reward you with some lovely ones, taken by fellow revelers. 

Best Coast @ Middle Waves

The Legendary Trainhoppers @ Middle Waves

My SIL, lounging after Best Coast.

It's not weird at all when your brother's massaging your husband. 

Morning dew + leftover flair from The Flaming Lips show = confetti toes. 

My favorite souvenir of the experience, a confetti roll from The Flaming Lips concert, found the next morning.