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Holiday dressing can be tricky, for sure. The pressure to be festive and glamorous mounts with every new party added to the busy December calendar.

But let's make this yearly wardrobe challenge a bit easier, once and for all: If you have one kickass dress, in a solid color, make that your uniform then kick it up with over the top jewelry; specifically earrings or necklaces, since rings and bangles won't be as visible as a glittering strand around your neck or dramatic drops dangling from your ears.

This season, Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's is killing it when it comes to holiday sparkle. Bonus: the price point means you can buy a couple of options to keep on hand. By switching out not only jewelry but hosiery, clutch and shoes, your holiday uniform will look completely different for every outing. 

Shop Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's - currently on sale! #boom