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Freelance Nomad

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My day to day is very loosey goosey — I’m always on the go, biting off WIFI wherever I can in between meetings and school drop offs/pick ups. Sometimes I write early in the day, sometimes late in the night, and sometimes, not at all. I’ve gone days pretending my deadlines don’t exist (sorry, EIC) while other days, I eschew showers, proper meals and interactions with adult humans in service to my work. It’s challenging but it’s also quite lovely to be my own boss. I live in joggers, take donut and reading breaks whenever I feel like it, and enjoy the luxury of writing about my favorite things. I am so fortunate to exist professionally outside the walls of a cubicle, outside the rigid M - F, 9 - 5 template. I’m hashtag blessed to be a freelance nomad.

Live a little be a gypsy, get around
Get your feet up off the ground
Live a little, get around
— Paul McCartney, Uncle Albert