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FoxSea Skin officially debuted in November 2015 with packaging I'd thought lots about. I wanted the Universal Oil to be in amber glass bottles for light blocking protection. I wanted to use pouches to house the scrubs, salts and herbs because of the weight, look and cost. I made these decisions well before actually launching and while I knew the whole shebang was far from perfect, I had to move forward and get the line onto shelves and into customer's homes. If I waited until everything had been perfect, I'd probably still be waiting to launch.

Once FoxSea hit the shelves, I started to get feedback - mostly positive, all constructive. What I heard about the pouches was that shoppers thought they held coffee or tea or granola. And, when I did a spur of the moment, limited edition run of cork topped glass bottles of the Sea Soak, they sold fast. The consensus was that the beautiful pink salts and herbs needed to be seen. Why didn't I think of that? Also, the pump for the Universal Oil proved to be way too generous, dispensing large streams of oil, wasting the product. Launch and learn...

I swapped kraft pouches for frosted clear versions for the Herbal Facial Steam and the Konjac Cleansing Sponges. The Universal Oil, Sea Soak, Sea Scrub and Multitasking Mask are now in clear jars and bottles, all with white caps and droppers (gone is that overly eager pump). Because the Universal Oil bottle is now clear, I also decided to shrink the size so customers wouldn't hang on to it for as long, leaving less time for oxidation. *Tip: Store all your oils in a cool, dark place for a longer shelf life. 

The final move (for this round anyway) was to soften the label by changing the classic red product names to a pink hue, one that echoed the natural beauty of the beloved pink salts. Side note: The labeling of these beauty products has turned out to be one of the biggest hurdles. There's so much to take into consideration and while I know I need to (believe me, I want to) up my label game, it's quite expensive. 

I had good reasons for my initial packaging decisions but I must say, I'm loving this new light, bright and airy direction. What say you?

ps --- New products will be launching this Spring so stay tuned!