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Full Steam Ahead

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One of my very favorite FoxSea Skin products is the Herbal Facial Steam. The current mix is organic lavender and lemon peel, a fragrant and therapeutic combo I happen to love. It doesn't hurt that the mix looks beautiful in the jar, to boot. 

Indulging in a proper steam allows a scrub, mask or nourishing oil to penetrate more deeply. A gentle yet effective steam can help boost circulation, loosen and unclog pores, hydrate skin and promote a healthy glow. The aromatic experience is also great for the senses and a perfect antidote to the frigid temps outside. 

Here's how to give yourself a lovely little steam at home:

Fill a medium-sized pot halfway with water and bring to a low boil then remove from stove. Pour into a heat-resistant bowl and place on a stable, flat surface (kitchen table or island is best, or wherever you can sit and be comfortable during the steam). Add a handful of herbs to the water and allow to steep for one minute. Using a large towel, fully tent your head to capture the steam while positioning your face a few inches above the bowl. The steam should feel comfortable, not too hot. Steam for 5 - 10 minutes, depending on comfort level. Rinse skin with cool water, gently pat dry then finish with normal skincare regime. If you’re really in a DIY spa mood, after steaming, apply your favorite mask then finish with your normal skincare regime.

While I have yet to offer online shopping on the FoxSea website, stockists Idlehour and The FIND/The Trove are more than happy to take phone orders. Or, try Skin Owl's Beauty Steam or Fig & Yarrow Herbal Steams, available for purchase online. 

Peace, love and organic skincare! OMG, so cheesy but I'm leaving it in.