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I Am Very Busy...

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I know that headline is trés annoying but I couldn't help myself. I have a few friends (you know who you are) that will get a kick out of it. Moving on...

It's been a crazy busy Spring 2016. I haven't had any time to blog for myself because I've been focusing on clients (a good problem to have). In place of some actual writing, here's what I've been up to recently:


Sister store to one of my other fab clients, The Trove, The FIND is downtown Fort Wayne's newest boutique and it's beyond chic. I've had such fun working with this new team and helping them bring their vision to life (digitally speaking). The images above are by the lovely Grace Yencer, who is also part of Team Trove/Team FIND.

The Trove

I've been working with the fab team at The Trove in Roanoke for over a year and I couldn't be happier. The partners are fantastic and I love their approach to business and all the goodies they bring to Northeast Indiana. 

FoxSea Skin 

My little side hustle is growing! FoxSea is now in 5 (my favorite number --- yay!) locations and I'm hoping to finally get the website up in the next few weeks.

Second Chance Farm

A fellow small batch, hand made gal, Kate is a backyard beekeeper who turns her raw golden elixir into delicious balsamic glazes and honeys infused with scotch. The balsamic glaze makes my daily dinner of Caprese salad into a gourmet affair. I'm happy to be working with Kate on the website for Second Chance Farm. In related news, Kate is opening The Trove West in Big Sky, Montana late Summer 2016. So exciting!

This Spring, I was thrilled to be part of the first ever Design Week Fort Wayne and look forward to what we have in store for next year's event! Big things will be happening...

I've also increased my workload for Fort Wayne Magazine and Fort Wayne Newspapers, which makes me incredibly happy. After years of ghost writing, I totally cherish being able to see my own byline.

In the middle of all this, I also turned 38 and was feted by a fantastic group of friends who put my mug on some ridiculously delicious cookies! 

Last but not least, I've been doing my best to spend time with my sweet #foxboys. They are my driving force but also my biggest distraction! 

Whew! I'm done for now...