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Introducing: FoxSea Skin

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I've been making my own skincare for ages. I was a beauty product junkie almost from birth but grew up in a house completely devoid of what I craved. I whipped up terrible concoctions from random ingredients found in the medicine cabinet and kitchen pantry back then. I shudder just thinking of some of those mixtures...

Over the years, I've studied, created, tested and tweaked hundreds of DIY beauty recipes. A little over a year ago, I shared some of these with friends and family then decided to give it a whirl and package them for sale. Thus, FoxSea Skin came to be.

FoxSea Skin is a teeny company of one (ME!) with 5 (my fav-o-rite number) signature products for healthy, glowing skin, completely free of toxins, artificial colors and fragrances. My goal is to make products that are effective and safe and make your mind and body feel as free and clean as a dip in the crisp waters of the Atlantic Ocean makes me feel. I make and package each batch right before they hit the shelves to ensure the freshest products possible. As I type, FoxSea Skin is in two phenomenal stores in my Midwestern city, with a third coming soon. Also coming soon will be a few new products. Growing already!

While FoxSea Skin is technically just me, I haven't done all this alone. I must thank my fab husband for encouraging me, applying labels to the packaging and handling all the boring math involved. I must also thank my pal, Heather, for helping me figure some sh!t out every step of the way. She's responsible for my kick @ss logos for Navigate with Style and FoxSea Skin and has done so much more as I've struggled to launch this little brand.

On November 13th, FoxSea Skin products lined some shelves of Idlehour Boutique, which opened for its first day of business that same day. I'm beyond grateful for being able to launch my brand along with this uber chic store. While this adventure is just really beginning and I have no doubt SO! MUCH! to learn still, I'm super proud of the initial launch, however soft it may have been. Please stay tuned for product updates, skincare tips and tricks and eventually, an honest to goodness website for FoxSea Skin. In the meantime, please sign up for the Navigate with Style newsletter (I won't bother you often, I swear!), LIKE FoxSeaSkin on Facebook and follow @FoxSeaSkin on Instagram and Twitter.

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