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New Classics

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When discussing style, much emphasis is put on the classics, and for good reason. These commonly revered classics never go out of style, can always be relied on to look polished and elegant. They're a safe bet.

The problem with classics, is that sometimes they get boring. Or we get bored with them. The best way to combat that is to freshen up your classics, both old and new. Revive well-loved pieces with new lining, new buttons, an updated hem, yada yada yada. Replacing classics, when necessary, means you can replace them with pieces that feature updated details. They're still classics, but with a twist. Everything is better with a twist, in my opinion.

If these classics aren't your classics, that's cool. Not everyone is a blazer person, you know? My own blazer game is in need of an update, what with my large cans. I like to wear open front blazers and jackets, preferably without even the option of buttons because they always pull and make me look sloppy. 

I have also had one helluva time finding the perfect camel coat for my body, as evidenced by the 4 unworn, unloved coats hanging in my hall coat closet that probably should just be donated already... So perhaps I'm not a camel coat person. TBD.

I've rounded up a few classics with a twist, courtesy of Boden.

@ me with your favorite classics, twist or no twist, on Twitter. And if you’re busty like me and have any blazer recs, hit. me. up. with your suggestions or complaints. #miserylovescompany