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No Grit, No Pearl

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Marriage is both wonderful and tough. My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this summer. We took some time to reflect on how we've changed, what we've accomplished, what we've overcome and what we've built so far. We are both hardworking and dedicated to our professional lives but we also certainly know how to kick back and have some fun, with our little family and with our fantastic friends. We are very lucky in so many ways...

Pearls make the best gifts. 

I've been thinking that marriage (or any relationship) is kind of like a pearl. Over time, a tiny speck grows into a stunning gem by adding layer upon layer, shimmering, luminous, full of beauty. With hard work and unshakable dedication, my husband and I have a strong marriage that has weathered the extreme highs and lows of our modern life. My love for my husband and the love he shows in return is the most beautiful treasure in our little universe.