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pACKard Cubby

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We named our second boy Packard, in homage to Nantucket (ACK), where we fell in love during our first working college summer on the island (sandwich shop for me, landscaping for him). We have such wonderful memories of our two summers there and love to connect our most meaningful places to our sons' lives (Brighton, our oldest, is named for Brighton, England, the site of our very first date. We met while studying abroad for a semester). 

So! For Pack's 3rd birthday party, we went for a nautical theme - predictable, I know. It was small, sweet and just the right amount of fun for a little guy. Shark hats, anchor bubble wands, shell rings, plastic sea creatures and water bottle favors were a hit but nothing was as prized as those gummy rings. Little hands darted in and out of that bowl all afternoon. 

I have such fun planning these little parties for my boys. I take a few pictures, save a couple of mementos and hope they look back on their childhood birthdays and understand just how much I treasure the days these two nerds came into this world.