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Dreaming of Peaches

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The Peach Truck came back to town and I went bananas. Instead of freezing a portion of my 25 pounds of fresh bounty, I decided to plan all our meals for one week around these sweet babies. And that's how #PeachWeek came to be. 

All recipes are via The Peach Truck, except for the vinaigrette. Click the name of the dish for a direct link to each recipe.

peach salad dressing

This dressing recipe from was delicious but could use a little extra tang. Mr. Fox is going to play around next time, swapping the cayenne out for a smidge of whole seed mustard, as we end up generally doing with all our homemade vinaigrettes.

peach icebox cake

This was ridiculously easy and so delicious. Plus, anything served in a trifle bowl feels extra special. The whipped heavy cream, sugar and two extracts was a heavenly combo and I could have just stopped there, dipping peaches into the cream like chips and salsa. My one change is that instead of the vanilla Greek yogurt, I'll use plain yogurt and up the amount of vanilla extract next time.

peach gazpacho

On my Summer bucket list, I said I wanted to learn how to make a kickass (traditional) gazpacho. While this doesn't take its place, this dish was my FAV-O-RITE this week and I'll be making it over and over again. I didn't include cilantro since Mr. Fox loathes it. Next time, I'll make two separate batches so I can taste the full recipe. Also - the diced cucumber and peach garnish makes such a difference in the presentation but I snapped this pic after all our garnish was consumed.

peach infused vodka

Peach Infused Vodka

This is was a no-brainer. I only wish I'd had enough peaches to also try the Infused Bourbon recipe as well. I'm looking forward to trying this vodka in 7 days, and again in 10 days, if necessary, to make sure it's developing correctly. Then, I'm going to have a blast experimenting with various Summery cocktails!

peach popsicles

Popsicles, Two Ways: Peach & Greek Yogurt and Peach Lemonade

I love my Koji popsicle molds from Target and every Summer, my boys look forward to homemade popsicles (making them is half the fun). I followed the yogurt recipe to a T but to the lemonade pops, I also added lemon zest BECAUSE I LOVE LEMONS SO MUCH!

peach iced tea

I really strayed from this recipe because I don't like sweet tea and I only have loose herbal teas in my pantry. So, I used my Rishi Jasmine Pearls to brew the tea and skipped adding the sugar. The peach flavor was light but refreshing, though my tea was a little weak. And I completely forgot about the fresh mint (which I normally love) so I'll need to revisit this recipe and stick to the directions (except I probably still won't add the sugar).

I've had so much fun trying new things in the kitchen this week. While I can't wait for The Peach Truck to come back around, I won't be waiting a full year to make some of these recipes again. If you come across any must-try peach recipes, send them my way!

An apple is an excellent thing — until you’ve tried a peach.
— George du Maurier