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Rise & Shine

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I'm in makeover mode right now, but for my life. The push-pull of modern life can be a pain but I feel like I'm finally figuring things out. I've been reading about the routines of successful women and have noticed a common theme: badass bitches wake up early. So, my latest challenge is to start waking up well before I need to.

I'm going to rise before the sun so I can have time to meditate, make myself some tea, then sit at my computer to get some work done before all the emails start rolling in. I might even make a hot breakfast for my kids! 

Mornings at Chez Fox tend to be a little hectic. Making lunches, searching for coats and shoes, brushing teeth and getting out the door on time is a universal struggle. Surely waking up earlier will help reduce that, right? We shall see...