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Sea the Beauty

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I started making beauty oils for myself ages ago, using a variety of combinations of organic plant oils. After becoming more knowledgeable about pure essential oils, the formula that would eventually be known as FoxSea Skin Universal Oil was born. I started giving out samples to friends and once they ran out, they asked where they could get more. Thanks to these friends, I filed all the necessary, boring paperwork and started my side hustle. 

FoxSea Skin is made up of a handful of core products, with some limited edition creations thrown in to the mix every now and then, but the Universal Oil is the hands down fav-o-rite and best seller. 

The blend of soothing and hydrating plant oils, in concert with the healing and ahhhhh-inducing blend of therapeutic essential oils, makes for a multi-tasking beauty oil that drenches skin in pure, nourishing moisture. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamins A, D and E, grapeseed oil helps to heal problematic skin, sesame oil is high in reparative essential fatty acids and sunflower oil has excellent penetrating qualities. The exact blend of essential oils is something of a secret but it heavily features soothing chamomile, calming jasmine, healing lavender and comforting vetiver. In short, this formula is packed with beneficial nutrients for hair, face, body and an OTT therapeutic aroma that soothes your soul (or at least attempts to).

FoxSea Skin is currently sold only in stores in Fort Wayne, Roanoke and Indianapolis, Indiana as well as Big Sky, MT. I hope to add online sales soon!