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Cape So Hard 2019

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Jam packed pilgrimage to Massachusetts, per ush.

T H E B E R K S H I R E S | B O S T O N

We stopped to see some dear friends in western Mass, where we visited a large and very charming farmer’s market (where PCF stopped to pet every dog) and had poolside hangs with said friends.

The farmhouse sink in our bedroom was too charming not to use for a FoxSea pic.


We finally made it to Fenway as a family, though to see a soccer match, not the Red Sox. We had a blast, but vowed to come back for a baseball game next time.

I honestly couldn’t get over the beauty of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, as well as the sadness and mystery surrounding the still unsolved heist. *Binge the podcast Last Seen for tons of intriguing details about one of the most famous art thefts in history.

Bought myself a few little goodies in the gift shop, including this articulated fish pendant that reminds me of my mother’s 1970’s version.


We always want the boys to be familiar with Boston, so we tried to take them around to see various sights, neighborhoods and some of our favorite restaurants. Then we spent a little time at Children’s Museum for old times sake. Martin’s Playground just outside the museum ended up being their favorite destination.


The Cape is the best. I get such a great feeling of peace and calm when I’m there — even during stressful moments (there are always a few while on a multi-family vacation), there’s still a sort of… contentment. Everything is better there. We always look for new ways to enjoy our Cape time, building on beloved traditions with new memories, so this year we took advantage of David Sedaris’ book tour and IT. WAS. AMAZING. We stayed after so we could have our books signed and get a chance to speak with him. He’s divine. A fucking international treasure. I have a picture of him (not sharing for now) that is fantastic. A story for another time…


I always take advantage of the beautiful, oh so FoxSea scenery for some pretty photos for the ‘gram. #ABP #alwaysbepromoting

FoxSea Skin

This is 41

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I celebrated turning 41 with a small swan party with some of my nearest and dearest, and at one of my very favorite restaurants - yippee! I’m thankful to have friends who know me well and sprinkle the table with lily of the valley and chic props (as well as lots of rosé). xo

Couple of A/B shots because they make me giggle:

A good time was had by most.

Everything's Coming Up Rosé

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FoxSea was invited to be part of a lovely rosé themed event at The FIND, along with a few other fab collaborators.

Photanical brought the gorgeous roses and greenery, setting up an instant photo booth so friends could leave with a sparkly framed photo of themselves. Eden & Ruth are incredibly talented, creative and beautiful souls and if they're involved in an event, you know it's going to be great.

Cap'n Cork provided us all with tastings of rosé, aka #SummerWater. My favorite of the four they presented was Gérard Bertrand Cote des Roses, which is also elegantly packaged in a rose shaped bottle, and with a glass cork. 

Cassie Beer, of Rosalind & The Way, sang her beautiful songs, treating us all to an acoustic set and giving the party an extra special vibe.

The FIND team really knows how to throw a party, and the hors d'oeuvres were tasty and perfectly pink. They gave each attendee an adorable keychain and take home glass flute. I adore The FIND and their sister store The Trove. *I'm involved professionally with both stores but I'd happily shop and attend all their events even if I wasn't. Just want to be clear here. 

For my part, I set up a FoxSea Skin Herbal Facial Steam Bar, where guests could choose from 8 organic dried herbs, mixing them into their own custom blend for at home facial steams. I provided pink pens and rose stickers so they could name and decorate their bags. I also featured my Rose Gold Gilded Universal Oil and made a limited edition Rose Facial Mist just for the occasion. I just might add the mist to the regular lineup... 

Take a spin through the party below, and enjoy all the beautiful images taken by the wonderful Grace Harman.

I love these last two pictures of my hands, and here's why: Right before leaving for the event, I remembered this rose ring my sister made for me AGES ago - like 10 or so years! She made it out of light pink paper adorned with little gold dots. I don't think I'd actually worn it before; I guess I'd been waiting for this precise event. It was perfect. #shescrafty 

Finally, this last picture made me giggle. I like a drink - and I had my fare share of rosé (probably more than) during the party. Clearly, I didn't let my glass get too far away from me at any point in the evening. I never do.

Thank you to the splendid collaborators and all the rosé lovers who attended! 

Lady Weekend

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For a treasured friend's milestone birthday, a handful of us ladies traveled (at the crack of dawn, and in variously sized luggage) to New York to celebrate. The whirlwind weekend included lots of delicious food and much needed beverages (the best Sazerac of my life!), our fair share of shopping (alas, still no Birkin) and so much laughter, per usual with this crew. Time well spent in the Big Apple...

It is indeed one hell of a town!

The Summer Playbook

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As Summer (slowly) creeps up, I'm looking forward to long-treasured rites of passage, as well as a few new ones. I'm planning on taking it as easy as possible this season. My boys are growing up so quickly and I want to savor my time with them. Here's the list of my simple and carefree Summer plans:

* Watch fireworks at least once. Oohs and ahhs mandatory.

* Dance at an outdoor concert in a floaty maxi dress.

* Add to my playlist of Summery songs. #beachvibes

* Take a few road trips and blast said playlist.

* Learn how to make gazpacho. My Nan made a mean one and I need to find her recipe.

* Go for family walks or bike rides after dinner. Even just one lap around the block would be nice.

* Dine al fresco as much as possible. I'm on the hunt for our perfect back yard dining table. We've nailed down our picnic protocol so even if we don't find a table, we'll be happy as clams on a blanket.

* Luxuriate in the crisp waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I cannot wait to get to the Cape.

* Play croquet on our front lawn and grill in our backyard with friends and family.

* Pick blueberries with my boys, just as I did with my grandfather during Massachusetts Summers.

* Master a new seasonal cocktail. I've been "researching" candidates. 

* At long last, watch a movie at a drive-in theater. I know just the spot where I want my first time to take place...

What's on your must-do list this Summer?


24 Hours in Grand Rapids

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To kick off Spring Break (one without real plans to travel), we drove up to Grand Rapids, Michigan with some good friends. From our exploration of the amazing Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park to exploring downtown Grand Rapids, it was a fun family trip. A last-minute detour to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright home capped off the weekend. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Meijer, the total opposite of what would be a gloomy week to follow. 

Ai Wei Wei is a badass. 

Nice hotel, good dinner out with drinks after + a detour the next day for lovely macarons and a visit to a record store that happens to bear my maiden name. 

Went to great lengths for this shot of the Anchor Bar sign. 

Clearly, my oldest and I were enthralled with the bathrooms at the May house... I just can't explain it.

Radiating Love

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I'm a passionate progressive so these past few weeks have felt rough. Recently, I've been making an effort to pull back a little on social media (certain feeds, anyway), spend more time with those I love most, vent to and with like-minded ladies and do my best to restore peace and calm in my own mind.

"Better than a box of chocolates! Give a little FoxSea Skin for V Day." I adore playing around to get cool shots for my FoxSea Instagram account. Some are better than others. #amateurartdirector

From filling my own social feeds with positivity, attending beautiful and meaningful events that give back and volunteering with my friends, I've been really feeling the love. 

At the #flightfulFW event, with part of Team Trove and one of my besties, Flo (aka Goldie). 

I visited my husband's cool, sleek office for a lunch date. He caught me in selfie mode. 

These ladies are too fab for words. We were all so happy to support our girl Flo, at her Go Red for Women luncheon for the American Heart Association. 

No matter how you do it, take time for a little self-care and little bit of silly fun. The happiness, love and kindness you share with others will come back to you...

L.A. Story

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A quick girls trip to Los Angeles with some long-time besties was a whirlwind of laughs, food and shopping. From the early as f^ck flight out of Indy to the boozy lunch at Rose Cafe and the sunny streets and canals of Venice Beach, the Mexican brunch and shopping in Pasadena to the Korean spa (amazeballs) and then the unauthorized musical parody of Troop Beverly Hills, a quick peek at Marty & Elayne at The Dresden, the late-night Milky Bun dessert run and the Grand Central Market breakfast the next morning at eggslut, the quest for Dodgers gear for a little boy back home and the fulfilled desire for some retail espionage at Au Fudge, we packed a ton of sh!t in. Whew. #runonsentence

The unauthorized musical parody of Troop Beverly Hills at Rockwell Table & Stage is worth the flight to LA alone. Srsly. #whatathrill 

Chicago Scrapbook, Part 1

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I got away for a rare girls trip to Chicago with some fantastic ladies I'm thrilled to call my friends. It was a whirlwind of shopping, fab food and plenty of beverages + a couple of newly minted inside jokes (#pineapple #Moby #MFpesto). We packed it in. xo

55 Hours in Atlanta

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Once a year, we take an adults-only trip with our besties from Boston...

Kid-free long weekend ahead! Look at our peaceful smiles...

The Margaret Mitchell Museum was small but fun (for me, anyway) and filled with cool Gone With the Wind information. It's such an epic movie, a classic that will live forever, despite its controversies. The museum offered a little peek into the life of Mitchell (what a saucy minx she was!) as well as the making of her book into the legendary film. 

Drinks, dinner and drinks. The Café Intermezzo drinks menu is YOOOOGE. I ordered a French 75. Dinner was at Restaurant Eugene. I don't remember what I ordered but I know everything was fantastic. #toomanydrinks 

Kicked off the day with a treatment at the Bliss spa in our hotel (Side note: I love hotels. I love spas. I want so badly to live in a hotel and get spa treatments on the regular). Walked the Beltline (stopped for a bit at Paris on Ponce where I bought a tiny, furry alpaca figure - don't ask) to Ponce City Market and fell in love. The market is an old Sears building, transformed into a very stylish multi-use complex. Hop's chicken sandwich in the food hall was delicious (fried chix is a must in the south) and I really loved their jazzy branding. On our way to our next destination, we swung by a sculpture created by one of our traveling companion's brother for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. We then randomly picked a Marriott for a quick bathroom and coffee break, only to discover a crazy sculptural interior design. 'Twas an unexpected treat. 

We hit up the World of Coca-Cola and tried out the various sodas of the world. Bonbon Anglais was lovely, coconut-ty and tasted like a tropical vacation. Beverly was disgusting - I can't even begin to describe it. Horrendous. We decided on a tie for the best name: Kuat & Delaware Punch.  After a much-needed rest from the frenetic, sugary soda experience, dinner was at Cakes & Ale. I had a few cocktails and while I know my food was good, I just can't remember what I ordered. I think my love for the Hop's chicken sandwich prevented me from making any other culinary memories during the weekend. Fried chicken, FTW.

Drove to Buckhead to peep all the cool homes I'll never own and ran across the stately and gorgeous Swan House.

Boarded our plane to come home then sent a selfie to the kiddos. This was their response. #happydance

But the best thing about our trip was our decision to document our adventures using my current favorite app, Boomerang.

Where will next year's destination be? I'd like to head west...