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sea salt

FoxSea Summah

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It’s been rainy AF in the midwest (whole country?) this spring, so I’ve been channeling beach vibes with plenty of salt, nautical accessories and coastal pictures, which is no different than any other season of any other year, so… carry on.

Calm Yourself

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There are plenty of things that rile me up these days. When I literally can’t even, I have a few resources I rely on, so I’m sharing here just in case you need them too.

I used to call The Calm Center Hotline, which tickled me because it actually existed, but it’s no longer a thing, sadly.

I’m obsessed with my Sleep Pillow app and use it to create a soothing environment at bedtime as well as when I’m feeling the need throughout the day.

There’s almost nothing as soothing as a lovely cup of tea. Even better is using all the best accoutrements possible to really get lost in the ritual of the whole experience, which is something I really love. I have two favorite teas, one of which is widely available, including here.

If I really need to zone out, I game. I love putting pencil to paper and playing a few games of sudoku (if I’m really feeling anxious, I stick to the easy level). I also love to play Tetris on my old school Game Boy, spider solitaire on my iPhone or Luxor 2 on our XBox360.

And, at the risk of being too sales-y, I often rely on an awesome bath to soothe my mind, body and soul. This is another activity where I really dig the ritual, which is one of the reasons why I make bath and body products (ahem, #GetFoxSea). A candle, ambient sounds from the Sleep Pillow app, a cushy bath pillow and a big ass mound of FoxSea Sea Soak calms me right down.

Wishing you peace of mind, mates.

Sea Fresh

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You may not reside on a coast but that doesn't mean you can't pretend to when it comes to your Summer beauty regime. With ingredients like sea salt and marine extracts, these fab products bring the seaside right to you. Here's my round up of new faves that will make you feel as fresh as an outdoor shower after a day at the beach, no matter where you live.

Sachajuan's line is expertly formulated but I must admit that I'm easily won over by their minimalist packaging as well. I love R+Co's Sail Soft Wave Spray because it adds that piece-y texture we're all after but without the crunch or stickiness of other brands. 

I'm an absolute sucker for anything sea salt. Ahava's innovative Liquid Dead Sea Salt is a fantastic way to exfoliate the body, effectively yet gently. I adore nearly the entire Mario Badescu line, especially the Seaweed Cleansing Soap, which contains bits of anti-inflammatory seaweed and is great for removing makeup as well as cleansing.

Thalgo Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask instantly plumps, soothes and hydrates facial skin in mere minutes - great for your post-sun, post-swim routine. The next best thing to swimming among seaweed in the ocean is taking a luxurious bath in The Organic Pharmacy's Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak.

So Fresh!

Bonus, zero dollar, Summer beauty tip: Stash as many of your beauty products as you can fit in the fridge for extra cooling applications. I store eye cream, fragrance, body oil and facial mist in mine. Perhaps when I renovate my master bath, I'll carve out a space for a little dorm fridge. #nextlevel

Just a Pinch of Salt

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I'm a salt fanatic. I've amassed a cool, albeit small, collection of salt shakers, grinders and cellars to house the various salts and salt mixes I love to use. My latest trifecta of salt includes the most delicate gold spoon, a sleek, gilded vessel and a beautiful lavender sea salt blend that adds a bright, herbal kiss to all sorts of dishes. 

It's the smallest of luxuries that make me smile. 


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Well, it's been one year since I officially launched FoxSea Skin. I've learned a ton (and still have so much MORE to learn) and have so many more goals to meet. I have high hopes for this little side hustle of mine. While I don't intend to take over the world with my salty little biz, I sure would love to spend all of my days playing with these pink salts while providing a lovely and safe little universe for my family. Here's to making a dream a full time job!

Cheers to year #2 and beyond! 

Making My Mark-et

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FoxSea Skin, my salty little side hustle, lines the shelves of a few local stores here in Northeast Indiana (and one in Indy). It gives me thrills to see my products next to national skincare brands I look up to. Even more thrilling is when I get to speak directly with customers, old and new, about FoxSea. While my day to day job doesn't allow for direct interaction with potential clients on a regular basis, I try to participate in pop-ups and various markets when I can, to spread the good word of healthy skincare. 

I'm excited to be part of the first ever Makers Market at The Trove on Saturday, October 15th from 11a - 4p. I'll be on site with FoxSea Skin as well as a dozen or so additional local artists and artisans. And, I'll be debuting a couple of new products!

Click here to read more about the event. Join if you can!

Salt of the Earth

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I have an intense, perhaps more than what would be considered normal, love for sea salt. Through the creation and management of my super small, healthy skincare biznaz, FoxSea Skin, I've been able to foster this passion. Soaking in and scrubbing with these gorgeous, lusciously-scented (only with essential oils, no synthetic fragrances to speak of), pretty pink salts is such a treat for me and I can't believe this is part of how I make my living. 

As if I couldn't love my own salts any more (each little speck is one of my babies) , a sweet friend surprised me with these beyond-lovely images of my Sea Soak and Soaking Stones. Look how splendid they are!

Thank you to Grace, for capturing the beauty of these exquisite salts. 

Fresh & Clean

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FoxSea Skin officially debuted in November 2015 with packaging I'd thought lots about. I wanted the Universal Oil to be in amber glass bottles for light blocking protection. I wanted to use pouches to house the scrubs, salts and herbs because of the weight, look and cost. I made these decisions well before actually launching and while I knew the whole shebang was far from perfect, I had to move forward and get the line onto shelves and into customer's homes. If I waited until everything had been perfect, I'd probably still be waiting to launch.

Once FoxSea hit the shelves, I started to get feedback - mostly positive, all constructive. What I heard about the pouches was that shoppers thought they held coffee or tea or granola. And, when I did a spur of the moment, limited edition run of cork topped glass bottles of the Sea Soak, they sold fast. The consensus was that the beautiful pink salts and herbs needed to be seen. Why didn't I think of that? Also, the pump for the Universal Oil proved to be way too generous, dispensing large streams of oil, wasting the product. Launch and learn...

I swapped kraft pouches for frosted clear versions for the Herbal Facial Steam and the Konjac Cleansing Sponges. The Universal Oil, Sea Soak, Sea Scrub and Multitasking Mask are now in clear jars and bottles, all with white caps and droppers (gone is that overly eager pump). Because the Universal Oil bottle is now clear, I also decided to shrink the size so customers wouldn't hang on to it for as long, leaving less time for oxidation. *Tip: Store all your oils in a cool, dark place for a longer shelf life. 

The final move (for this round anyway) was to soften the label by changing the classic red product names to a pink hue, one that echoed the natural beauty of the beloved pink salts. Side note: The labeling of these beauty products has turned out to be one of the biggest hurdles. There's so much to take into consideration and while I know I need to (believe me, I want to) up my label game, it's quite expensive. 

I had good reasons for my initial packaging decisions but I must say, I'm loving this new light, bright and airy direction. What say you?

ps --- New products will be launching this Spring so stay tuned! 

Introducing: FoxSea Skin

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I've been making my own skincare for ages. I was a beauty product junkie almost from birth but grew up in a house completely devoid of what I craved. I whipped up terrible concoctions from random ingredients found in the medicine cabinet and kitchen pantry back then. I shudder just thinking of some of those mixtures...

Over the years, I've studied, created, tested and tweaked hundreds of DIY beauty recipes. A little over a year ago, I shared some of these with friends and family then decided to give it a whirl and package them for sale. Thus, FoxSea Skin came to be.

FoxSea Skin is a teeny company of one (ME!) with 5 (my fav-o-rite number) signature products for healthy, glowing skin, completely free of toxins, artificial colors and fragrances. My goal is to make products that are effective and safe and make your mind and body feel as free and clean as a dip in the crisp waters of the Atlantic Ocean makes me feel. I make and package each batch right before they hit the shelves to ensure the freshest products possible. As I type, FoxSea Skin is in two phenomenal stores in my Midwestern city, with a third coming soon. Also coming soon will be a few new products. Growing already!

While FoxSea Skin is technically just me, I haven't done all this alone. I must thank my fab husband for encouraging me, applying labels to the packaging and handling all the boring math involved. I must also thank my pal, Heather, for helping me figure some sh!t out every step of the way. She's responsible for my kick @ss logos for Navigate with Style and FoxSea Skin and has done so much more as I've struggled to launch this little brand.

On November 13th, FoxSea Skin products lined some shelves of Idlehour Boutique, which opened for its first day of business that same day. I'm beyond grateful for being able to launch my brand along with this uber chic store. While this adventure is just really beginning and I have no doubt SO! MUCH! to learn still, I'm super proud of the initial launch, however soft it may have been. Please stay tuned for product updates, skincare tips and tricks and eventually, an honest to goodness website for FoxSea Skin. In the meantime, please sign up for the Navigate with Style newsletter (I won't bother you often, I swear!), LIKE FoxSeaSkin on Facebook and follow @FoxSeaSkin on Instagram and Twitter.

Dreaming of the sea...