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The Mother Lode

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If your mom is anything like me, she wants something gorgeous and beachy for Mother’s Day. I’ve rounded up a few coastal-inspired goodies from Saks OFF 5th that would be perfect gifts for the nauti mamas out there. I’m told there are many of us…

Saks OFF 5th is offering an extra 25% off gifts for mom, including wallets & cases, silk scarves, fragrances, straw bags, sleepwear and FIFTH CITY Beauty, up to 60% off handbags and 70% off Effy Fine Jewelry. These offers run May 1st - May 12th. Some exclusions apply.

Shop Saks OFF 5th for your mama, yourself or both here.

76 Hours in Chicago (and then back again)

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We Foxes love city time, so we plan semi-regular trips to Chicago. We skipped our traditional in between Thanksgiving and Christmas visit, so we went in January instead, during an accurately predicted blizzard, in fact. We weren’t scurred. And it actually paid off, as we had the city virtually to ourselves! ‘Twas fun.

I’ve been wanting to stop at the Albanese Candy Factory for years, and this time we finally did it. They make the best gummy candies in the world. And a truth about me is that I cannot resist a good Boston fruit slice. As we pull onto Lake Shore Drive, we always play a song of the same name by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah. It’s very jaunty and puts us in a festive “yay we’re in Chicago” mood. And now for my fave pic of our stay: a traditional f^ck off to the Trump tower. I love that my five year old knows to do it, and that my ten year old knows to snap a picture of it. We are the resistance.

We are major fans of The Ambassador, because it’s gorgeous, the staff is awesome and we just feel so comfy there. While I always stayed at The Drake with my family (still love you, boo), The Ambassador has become our little Fox family’s #1.

It was cold and snowy and slushy, so when we came back home from adventuring, the crisp yet cozy all white everything refuge of The Ambassador was so comforting, and tres chic, dahlink. As I was flipping through my camera roll from the trip, I realized the majority of my pictures were taken inside the hotel. I just adore it, truly.

If I ever hit some sort of jackpot, I’ll take a permanent suite there, thank you very much.

Strike that last sentence. I’ll snag No. 5 right across the street, but hang out in the lobby, eat some of my meals and grab my morning coffee at The Ambassador. How f^ck!ng cute is that entrance? And the fact that it’s number F I V E seals the deal. In love.

I didn’t take as many food pix as I normally do, but that’s probably because I was too busy eating all the amazing food we had. Our first dinner was at Ramen San and everything was perfect. We did brunch at Le Pain Quotidien one day, then Beatrix the next - both were just perfect for us with kids in tow. Dinner on Saturday was at La Scarola, and we really enjoyed the old school Italian vibe, as well as the Negronis + Shirley Temples. We grabbed coffee at The Wormhole (so fun and funky) on Milwaukee after hitting up the adidas store, as we’re known to do. If there was one great unifier for our family of four, it’s our undying passion for adidas. #yakyak

Rando shenanigans. Those are the best kind, really.

We like to think we’re really good at packing and traveling light, however our cart was loaded with too many bags (though I’ve seen much worse). I was impressed it all fit in the boot of Ryan’s little Prius. *There I go pretending to be British again.

We said see ya laterz to Chicago as late as we possibly could…

…but not before giving one more middle finger to Trump’s midwestern sh!thole. Like son, like mother?

A N D T H E N . . .

I ended up being whisked back to Chicago a couple days later to attend StyleMax, quite unexpectedly but not unpleasantly so.

Lots of randomness here, but I need to move on to another project so I gotta wrap this sh!t up, and how. Love the art deco elevator doors, and anything gold, really, snapped some things I want, some things I ate, and so on and so forth.

I tried on two styles of the blue light blocking glasses from Quay, and I gotta say, I’m going to need a pair of these. It’s a legit work expense, no? *I like to end sentences that way as much as possible. Makes me come across as the teensiest bit French, yes?

The clear highlight of my StyleMax weekend was a trip to Goddess and the Baker (thanks, Liz), for they make a gold glitter latte that’ll burn your eyes out with its unimaginable sparkly-ness. IT. IS. MAGICAL. Everything else was fab too (food, atmosphere) but DRINKING GOLD GLITTER IS THE DEFINITION OF ME LIVING MY BEST LIFE.

Yes, I absolutely went back to visit my pal The Ambassador (I was so close, I had to). Had brekkie, got some coffee to go + a cool felt baseball cap (haven’t worn it yet). I love merch. #shopportunity

And just for the hell of it, this is what I looked like on the way home, with that damn uncooperative bandana. Some days I just can’t get this one to play ball.


Suit Yourself

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A striped one-piece suit is always a good idea. Even if one has a bikini bod, a good one-piece is indispensable for more active days at the beach and water-based family get togethers (solid coverage and security is key in certain crowds).

Side note: I have nothing but love for anyone who chooses to wear a bikini in any scenario - you do you. Personally, after 20 years (cringe) of barely working out + two babies, you'd have to pay me a million dollars to walk onto the beach in a two piece. But perhaps that won't always be the case. Perhaps when I'm 50, I'll do it for free. But I want to make it clear that no matter your body or age, if you want to wear a two-piece, go for it!

99.9% of my beach apparel and accessories are nautically inspired, so when I think swimsuit, I think stripes, I think navy + white + red (or any combo thereof). These modern takes on a classic nautical look will work this summer and beyond, and each has a little detail or two that make them stand out from a sea of boring basics. 

Five Days in NYC

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Last September, I won a lottery for the chance to purchase four tickets to see Hamilton in New York at face value (!!!), ahead of the general public. We picked a random date in June and excitedly anticipated our trip for months. In the few weeks leading up to our date at Richard Rogers theatre, my husband discovered he needed to be in NYC for the two days prior to our trip, so we switched some things around and got a very full five days in the Big Apple. Behold,  photographic evidence below...


We arrived in New York super early on Wednesday, so we had plenty of time to check in to our first hotel (we stayed in three hotels during the trip and it's a long, boring story) and get to know our temporary neighborhood.

Ryan snapped this amazing shot of the city from our hotel window.

We snagged excellent coffee and a tasty breakfast of a hazelnut croissant and avocado toast (we went splitsies-halvsies) at Blue Bottle, then took in the sights of the World Trade Center area. We visited Ground Zero just a few months after the 9/11 attacks (we were in college back then) and I remember how dusty everything was, and how the silence was almost deafening. There were crowds and crowds of people looking at the wreckage but no one was saying a word. I recall ducking in to Century 21 just so we could hear the sound of people talking again. Seeing the area cleaned up, fully functioning (even though some construction is still going on), along with the striking and sobering memorial, was so moving.

Ryan had biznaz to take care of so I walked around on my own (the Irish Hunger Memorial is so pretty), got a fun manicure and enjoyed a nice long, boozy lunch. It's fun to date yourself sometimes.

When Ryan and I reunited, we dined on sushi at Nobu and spent a little too much coin on craft cocktails.

He may look nonplussed in this photo, but I swear we had a nice evening. He was plussed, I tell ya. Plussed!


We woke up super early for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, something I'd always wanted to do, but which was never convenient during any of my previous NYC trips. The temperature was perfectly crisp and the views were amazing. I wonder if people who commute over the bridge each day take it for granted?

But first, coffee.

I enjoyed a blowout at Dry Bar while Ryan was in his final meetings. There is nothing as wonderful as having a great hair day. 

One more selfie, this time with a bit of makeup on my face. I feel compelled to publicly celebrate any and all good hair days!

Once Ryan was officially done with work, we set out for lunch at Ladurée, a heavenly visit to Clare Vivier and 12 miles of walking to all the major sneaker head shops (KITH, Extra Butter and Alife, saving Flight Club for the next day).

We then checked into our second hotel in Midtown. After putting my legs up a wall for a smidge, we ventured out for some street pizza (Joe's - if it's good enough for J. Lo, it's good enough for me) and to see the riot of neon colors at Times Square - again, something I'd never experienced during any of my trips to NYC.


We woke up early to sneak in a quiet breakfast together before my brother and his wife arrived. We walked through Central Park, took pictures at Strawberry Fields then had some cocktails at Tavern on the Green, toasting to the start of our kid-free weekend!

We walked so many miles, we felt we totally deserved a treat from Georgetown Cupcakes while shopping in SOHO, before checking in to our third and final hotel.

*Not pictured: Our surprisingly delicious lunch at a Mexican restaurant somewhere along Church Street. I wish I'd snapped a picture or at least written down the name so I could visit it again some day. #regrets


The day finally arrived! This was the day we'd see Hamilton.

Ryan snapped this photo through the very small opening of our (third) hotel window on Saturday morning..

After listening to the soundtrack for over 2 1/2 years, I couldn't contain my excitement. I took my time getting ready after breakfast, treating myself to multiple masks and resting my tired, sore feet.

We arrived early, had time to take all the pictures we wanted and grab lunch before our matinée show. From the moment I heard the line, "My name is Alexander Hamilton", I had tears streaming down my face until well after the show ended. I recommend jumping through any and all hoops to see this show. It's amazing... Amazing.

After the show, we made our way to Momofuku for dinner, then to Milk Bar a few blocks away for dessert. It was all splendidly delicious (OMG - CRACK PIE). This day was one for the record books. #perfect


For our final day, we had one more coffee at our neighborhood Blue Bottle (it is so good, and I think I like creamer in my cold brew now), before heading to Brooklyn for brunch at a friend's restaurant.

The face I'm making is not my best, but I'm told I make it a lot... Something to work on, I guess.

We drank and dined at The Bedford on Bedford in Williamsburg. I highly recommend eating (and drinking) there whenever you can. 

Jalapeño margaritas so delicious, they deserve their own full sized photo. 

Pictured from left: watermelon & feta salad, risotto balls, the legendary mac'n cheese burger, pulled pork hash, chicken & waffles and truffle egg toast. So damn good.

After brunch, we strolled for a smidge before heading to the airport. I love the sights, sounds and (most of the) smells of busy city streets. 

Until next time, NYC!

Rosé All Day (and Night)!

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Join me for my first FoxSea Skin event of 2018, at The FIND in oh-so charming #DTFW!
Wednesday, April 18th from 6:30 - 8:30p

This lovely event will feature Photanical's new floral wall photo booth (I could just stop right there, you know?), wine tastings by Cap'n Cork (I love a captain who serves me rosé, naturally), and with an acoustic performance by Cassie Beer of Rosalind and The Way (the voice of an angel, I tell ya).

FoxSea (that's me) will be guiding guests through a DIY facial steam bar, where I'll have a handful of organic dried herbs to choose from, including fragrant rose petals. I'll also have a limited edition Rose Facial Mist and the Rose Gold Gilded Universal Oil for sale, because I love a theme.

Guests will be treated to:
* light hors d'oeuvres, perfectly paired with a selection of rosé wine tastings from Cap'n Cork
* delicious (and pink!) sweets by GK Baked Goods
* music by Cassie Beer
* a photo strip of you and your friends in front of the floral wall from the talented ladies of Photanical
* a custom FoxSea herbal facial steam for at home care
* an adorable rosé themed keychain (that I've been obsessing over since I first laid eyes on it) + a pretty take home glass from The FIND
* the chance to walk away with one of a handful of amazing door prizes, including a FoxSea Skin rose themed skincare trio

The FIND is capping the number of tickets and the store will be closed to the public, so click below to grab your tickets, dahlink!

Lady Weekend

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For a treasured friend's milestone birthday, a handful of us ladies traveled (at the crack of dawn, and in variously sized luggage) to New York to celebrate. The whirlwind weekend included lots of delicious food and much needed beverages (the best Sazerac of my life!), our fair share of shopping (alas, still no Birkin) and so much laughter, per usual with this crew. Time well spent in the Big Apple...

It is indeed one hell of a town!

Beach Please

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Beach, please! 

Make a splash this Summer with everything you need for the perfect beach escape. 

Be the first to score FoxSea Skin's latest launch: Gilded Universal Oil, a shimmering, golden version of the much loved multi-tasking oil. You'll also learn expert styling tips for achieving amazing beach waves from the lovely ladies of Salon Renew, and Pure Movement Pilates Studio will offer a few key mat Pilates moves, perfect for keeping bikini bods in check while on vacation. While you're here, stock up on the most stylish beach essentials, such as chic caftans, tanks and tees, bkr bottles, lightweight totes, and unbreakable plates, simply splendid for beach picnics.

Join us for this fun-filled evening, celebrating the best of Summer! #BeachVibesOnly

Tuesday, July 18th, 5 - 8p @ Idlehour Boutique in #DTFW

Holiday Weekend in the Windy City

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It was cold. Damn cold. Like, really f^ck!ng cold. But, we hopped a train to Chicago to add new memories to old ones. Growing up, each year our mother would take my sister and me to Chicago, in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The tradition has fallen by the wayside but when we learned the famed Cape Cod Room was closing for good on December 31st, we knew we had to make the trek for one final meal. The Drake was, and still is, our HQ when visiting. We had quite an experience at dinner and relished the lovely, legendary recipes of The Cape Cod Room, enjoyed high tea the next day in The Palm Court (my fave!) and did a little Christmas shopping. My boys and husband came along for the ride so of course we took a detour to the Lego store (where my mother made a new friend), picked up refined sugar and carbs at Glazed and Confused and consumed some deep dish pizza at Gino's (my mother insists on Gino's but we Foxes are Lou Malnati's devotees). Bonus: I introduced my mother to SnapChat and got as close to taking a selfie with Queen Bey as I'll ever get. 

Making My Mark-et

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FoxSea Skin, my salty little side hustle, lines the shelves of a few local stores here in Northeast Indiana (and one in Indy). It gives me thrills to see my products next to national skincare brands I look up to. Even more thrilling is when I get to speak directly with customers, old and new, about FoxSea. While my day to day job doesn't allow for direct interaction with potential clients on a regular basis, I try to participate in pop-ups and various markets when I can, to spread the good word of healthy skincare. 

I'm excited to be part of the first ever Makers Market at The Trove on Saturday, October 15th from 11a - 4p. I'll be on site with FoxSea Skin as well as a dozen or so additional local artists and artisans. And, I'll be debuting a couple of new products!

Click here to read more about the event. Join if you can!

B-ACK on the Island

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My husband and I worked for two college summers on Nantucket Island. During our #CapeSoHard adventure this year, we took a day trip to ACK to visit our old haunts and create new memories, ones that include our two precious boys (and a little FoxSea).

From lunch at our favorite sub shop (where I worked those two glorious summers) to plenty of shopping and a private cruise around the harbor, we packed it in. And one of us got a little snooze on the shuttle formerly known as the NRTA.

Nantucket is a breath of fresh air. Insanely gorgeous, hydrangea-scented, expensive-ass air.

The Official Shoe of Summer

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I wax poetic about the signature, stylish Jack Rogers sandals every summer. I just can't get enough of their Cape-y, island-y, Palm Beach-y vibe. Good enough for Jackie O, they're certainly good enough for me.

The above babies are the jelly version that work on the sand and the street. Bonus, they're super comfy and easy to clean. 

Shop Jack Rogers sandals and channel that Palm Beach-y vibe no matter where you might be. The 60% off sale ends August 29th. Stock up now for next Summer!


L.A. Story

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A quick girls trip to Los Angeles with some long-time besties was a whirlwind of laughs, food and shopping. From the early as f^ck flight out of Indy to the boozy lunch at Rose Cafe and the sunny streets and canals of Venice Beach, the Mexican brunch and shopping in Pasadena to the Korean spa (amazeballs) and then the unauthorized musical parody of Troop Beverly Hills, a quick peek at Marty & Elayne at The Dresden, the late-night Milky Bun dessert run and the Grand Central Market breakfast the next morning at eggslut, the quest for Dodgers gear for a little boy back home and the fulfilled desire for some retail espionage at Au Fudge, we packed a ton of sh!t in. Whew. #runonsentence

The unauthorized musical parody of Troop Beverly Hills at Rockwell Table & Stage is worth the flight to LA alone. Srsly. #whatathrill 

Chicago Scrapbook, Part 1

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I got away for a rare girls trip to Chicago with some fantastic ladies I'm thrilled to call my friends. It was a whirlwind of shopping, fab food and plenty of beverages + a couple of newly minted inside jokes (#pineapple #Moby #MFpesto). We packed it in. xo

55 Hours in Atlanta

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Once a year, we take an adults-only trip with our besties from Boston...

Kid-free long weekend ahead! Look at our peaceful smiles...

The Margaret Mitchell Museum was small but fun (for me, anyway) and filled with cool Gone With the Wind information. It's such an epic movie, a classic that will live forever, despite its controversies. The museum offered a little peek into the life of Mitchell (what a saucy minx she was!) as well as the making of her book into the legendary film. 

Drinks, dinner and drinks. The Café Intermezzo drinks menu is YOOOOGE. I ordered a French 75. Dinner was at Restaurant Eugene. I don't remember what I ordered but I know everything was fantastic. #toomanydrinks 

Kicked off the day with a treatment at the Bliss spa in our hotel (Side note: I love hotels. I love spas. I want so badly to live in a hotel and get spa treatments on the regular). Walked the Beltline (stopped for a bit at Paris on Ponce where I bought a tiny, furry alpaca figure - don't ask) to Ponce City Market and fell in love. The market is an old Sears building, transformed into a very stylish multi-use complex. Hop's chicken sandwich in the food hall was delicious (fried chix is a must in the south) and I really loved their jazzy branding. On our way to our next destination, we swung by a sculpture created by one of our traveling companion's brother for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. We then randomly picked a Marriott for a quick bathroom and coffee break, only to discover a crazy sculptural interior design. 'Twas an unexpected treat. 

We hit up the World of Coca-Cola and tried out the various sodas of the world. Bonbon Anglais was lovely, coconut-ty and tasted like a tropical vacation. Beverly was disgusting - I can't even begin to describe it. Horrendous. We decided on a tie for the best name: Kuat & Delaware Punch.  After a much-needed rest from the frenetic, sugary soda experience, dinner was at Cakes & Ale. I had a few cocktails and while I know my food was good, I just can't remember what I ordered. I think my love for the Hop's chicken sandwich prevented me from making any other culinary memories during the weekend. Fried chicken, FTW.

Drove to Buckhead to peep all the cool homes I'll never own and ran across the stately and gorgeous Swan House.

Boarded our plane to come home then sent a selfie to the kiddos. This was their response. #happydance

But the best thing about our trip was our decision to document our adventures using my current favorite app, Boomerang.

Where will next year's destination be? I'd like to head west...


True Blue

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Navy boots are SOFA KING hard to find. I mean, sure, you can get a rubber rain boot in navy blue but the cute leather and suede booties and knee boots we all love?!? The options are generally black and 73 various shades of brown. If you've been searching for navy blue boots, or on the flip side have just now been inspired to want them, here ya go: