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Cape So Hard 2019

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Jam packed pilgrimage to Massachusetts, per ush.

T H E B E R K S H I R E S | B O S T O N

We stopped to see some dear friends in western Mass, where we visited a large and very charming farmer’s market (where PCF stopped to pet every dog) and had poolside hangs with said friends.

The farmhouse sink in our bedroom was too charming not to use for a FoxSea pic.


We finally made it to Fenway as a family, though to see a soccer match, not the Red Sox. We had a blast, but vowed to come back for a baseball game next time.

I honestly couldn’t get over the beauty of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, as well as the sadness and mystery surrounding the still unsolved heist. *Binge the podcast Last Seen for tons of intriguing details about one of the most famous art thefts in history.

Bought myself a few little goodies in the gift shop, including this articulated fish pendant that reminds me of my mother’s 1970’s version.


We always want the boys to be familiar with Boston, so we tried to take them around to see various sights, neighborhoods and some of our favorite restaurants. Then we spent a little time at Children’s Museum for old times sake. Martin’s Playground just outside the museum ended up being their favorite destination.


The Cape is the best. I get such a great feeling of peace and calm when I’m there — even during stressful moments (there are always a few while on a multi-family vacation), there’s still a sort of… contentment. Everything is better there. We always look for new ways to enjoy our Cape time, building on beloved traditions with new memories, so this year we took advantage of David Sedaris’ book tour and IT. WAS. AMAZING. We stayed after so we could have our books signed and get a chance to speak with him. He’s divine. A fucking international treasure. I have a picture of him (not sharing for now) that is fantastic. A story for another time…


I always take advantage of the beautiful, oh so FoxSea scenery for some pretty photos for the ‘gram. #ABP #alwaysbepromoting

FoxSea Skin

June & July Shenanigans

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This summer has been an absolute blur. These are the moments I was able to capture.

Bottoms Up!

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My poison of choice used to be gin, but I’m very firmly in the vodka camp now. And — I switched out tonic water for club soda, but I still call them Jen & Tonics and there’s nothing you can do about that, okay?

This slightly rosy version was made with grapefruit tonic which was quite pleasant, and I’m happiest when things have a pinkish hue.

Check out this short and simple video from bon appetit about the charms of a classic vodka soda and then follow #vodkasodacloseit on Instagram for some hilarious hijinks from Chads and Beckys all over the eastern seaboard. Cin cin!

Summer's Last Hurrah

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I don't know why but I'm totally fine with saying goodbye to summer this year. Perhaps it's the sweltering heat, the unbearable swarms of mosquitoes that seem to be particularly vicious this season or the suede handbag I've been waiting to use since May. Fall fashion is a totally acceptable reason for wishing to jump ahead. 

Labor Day weekend was a blur of cocktails with coworkers (I use the term loosely), a fr-amily cookout, a lively soccer tournament under a blazing hot sun and forest bathing + a few helpings of apple pie. By Sunday's end, we Foxes were exhausted and wanted a light, refreshing dinner, followed by a couple of episodes of our current fave show, The Curse of Oak Island (all four of us are obsessed). 

As luck would have it, while scrolling through Instagram Sunday morning, I'd flagged the recipe for a creamy yellow gazpacho, posted by author Elin Hilderbrand (I started following her this summer after reading one of her Nantucket-based books for the first time). On our way back from visiting three Acres Land Trust sites, we stopped for the supplies and I quickly got to work blending the chilled soup. The recipe Hilderbrand provided was a little loosey-goosey but it provided a great foundation. While I was able to use a few yellow toms, I had to rely on red camparis for the bulk of it. I also added a bit more white wine vinegar and omitted the onion, because onions are hideous and vile weeds, but I followed the rest of her instructions to a T. Next time, I might do a little more augmenting, such as leaving some chunks instead of totally pureeing the mix, adding some fresh herbs, and so on and so forth.. Below are Hilderbrand's exact instructions:

Sunday #LDW starts with my best recipe: Creamy yellow tomato gazpacho, otherwise known as the golden elixir. You make it the way you make any other gazpacho: throw yellow tomatoes (4-5 regular tomatoes, seeded) plus one chopped yellow pepper and half of a seedless cucumber into a food processor and purée until smooth. Now, where my gazpacho differs is I then add one chopped onion and two cloves of garlic that have been sautéed to golden in 3T olive oil and 1T sugar. Add softened carmelized onion mixture to processor along with 3 T white wine vinegar, the juice of one orange, 3/4 c heavy cream and salt and pepper. I use this divine “pepper perfection” by coastal goods. Garnish with ripe avocado chunks. It’s SO DELICIOUS if I do say so myself.
— Elin HIlderbrand on Instagram

It was SO DELICIOUS, just as she exclaimed in her caption, and I will totally be adding this to our warm weather repertoire. Ooh! A little dollop of sour cream (poor girl's créme fraîche) might be nice for garnish, along with cubed avocado and chopped tomatoes. Next time... 

Summer Playbook 2018

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My summer playbook this year is quite long, so I'm sharing just three of my summer 2018 goals. I still have a few things to tackle from last year's list (such as my Nan's gazpacho), and I'm still on my quest to make the perfect jalapeño marg. But, while I like to set goals and be organized, I'm also 100% into decelerating with my family each summer, so I'm not going to be too hard on myself if I don't cross all my goals off the list. But the three below? They'll be tackled in no time (like, this week), which will give me a real sense of (false?) accomplishment. I'm okay with that. It's summer, get off my back. 


Harvest my backyard garden. 

I've been snacking on my baby tomatoes, but fresh pesto from my own basil is at the top of my list, since it's so damn hard to find large bundles of basil at the grocery store. 


Try out new #PeachWeek recipes.

I'm going to start with a few from this list of 25 Savory Peach Recipes from I just adore Peach Week.


New FoxSea Launch

I'm so excited about Eye Eye, Captain, an under eye oil serum that helps keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay! I hope everyone loves it as much as EYE do. #badumching

Reset Needed

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I always say swimming in the Atlantic is like a breath mint for my soul. I'm fairly certain I came up with that on my own, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the cool, crisp waters shock my system, in such a good way, resetting me, giving me a fresh new perspective just when I need it, that I find myself craving that feeling all year long, when I'm far away from the ocean. 

In this moment right now, I need a little reset. I went into my 40th birthday feeling fantastic, really loved and appreciated, and at peace with my current path. It's crazy though that in just a few days, that feeling has been replaced by something less welcome - doubt and wariness. I'd take a chilly dip in the ocean in a heartbeat right now.

Though I do post a lot, I don't often actually pour my heart out online. While I'm not likely to start doing so, I do feel compelled to vent a little bit...

And then I didn't.

A couple of weeks have passed since I wrote all of the above. I'm revisiting this now, remembering how I felt when I wrote it, and feeling quite relieved those feelings have dissipated. I'm coming off a lovely weekend, re-energized and re-inspired, so perhaps that's why I'm feeling great. But is this just a band aid? Or was the wariness just fleeting? I seem to think I'm a generally happy person, though my face doesn't always express that, apparently.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be balls to the wall (is there a more femme version of this saying?) busy with my own personal tasks, kids camps and serving as their chauffeur to and fro, work assignments and just f^ck!ng living my life, before heading east for our annual pilgrimage to Cape Cod, so I'm guessing my feelings will mostly be a blend of frenzy and excitement. 

Then, while on Cape, I'll be so gotdamn happy, literally chilling my bones in the ocean, so that'll be great. But what comes after? Sadness because I'll be heading back west, but anticipation for this year's Middle Waves music festival? Who the hell knows... We're all just guessing at what comes next, right?

What was even the point of this post? Venting, I guess. That, and really wanting to submerge myself in icy cold waters.


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My island vibes tend to skew more Nantucket than Maui but every now and then, I like a jaunty palm print or a juicy pineapple accessory. These are my picks for adding a little tropical vibe to Summer.

At Home

At the Beach

On Your Bod

fresh eats

Bring tropical tastes into the kitchen, while you're at it. These are the recipes I'm most looking forward to trying this season.

* Jala-piña, courtesy of Food & Wine - I like my cocktails with a kick.

* Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Skewers - I'll be nixing that onion, though. #vileweed

* Pineapple Cucumber Salad - Oooh, #FreshEats, indeed!

Get the sun kissed glow of an island girl for face & body.

If there’s a heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.
— Jimmy Buffett

Sea Fresh

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You may not reside on a coast but that doesn't mean you can't pretend to when it comes to your Summer beauty regime. With ingredients like sea salt and marine extracts, these fab products bring the seaside right to you. Here's my round up of new faves that will make you feel as fresh as an outdoor shower after a day at the beach, no matter where you live.

Sachajuan's line is expertly formulated but I must admit that I'm easily won over by their minimalist packaging as well. I love R+Co's Sail Soft Wave Spray because it adds that piece-y texture we're all after but without the crunch or stickiness of other brands. 

I'm an absolute sucker for anything sea salt. Ahava's innovative Liquid Dead Sea Salt is a fantastic way to exfoliate the body, effectively yet gently. I adore nearly the entire Mario Badescu line, especially the Seaweed Cleansing Soap, which contains bits of anti-inflammatory seaweed and is great for removing makeup as well as cleansing.

Thalgo Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask instantly plumps, soothes and hydrates facial skin in mere minutes - great for your post-sun, post-swim routine. The next best thing to swimming among seaweed in the ocean is taking a luxurious bath in The Organic Pharmacy's Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak.

So Fresh!

Bonus, zero dollar, Summer beauty tip: Stash as many of your beauty products as you can fit in the fridge for extra cooling applications. I store eye cream, fragrance, body oil and facial mist in mine. Perhaps when I renovate my master bath, I'll carve out a space for a little dorm fridge. #nextlevel

The Summer Playbook

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As Summer (slowly) creeps up, I'm looking forward to long-treasured rites of passage, as well as a few new ones. I'm planning on taking it as easy as possible this season. My boys are growing up so quickly and I want to savor my time with them. Here's the list of my simple and carefree Summer plans:

* Watch fireworks at least once. Oohs and ahhs mandatory.

* Dance at an outdoor concert in a floaty maxi dress.

* Add to my playlist of Summery songs. #beachvibes

* Take a few road trips and blast said playlist.

* Learn how to make gazpacho. My Nan made a mean one and I need to find her recipe.

* Go for family walks or bike rides after dinner. Even just one lap around the block would be nice.

* Dine al fresco as much as possible. I'm on the hunt for our perfect back yard dining table. We've nailed down our picnic protocol so even if we don't find a table, we'll be happy as clams on a blanket.

* Luxuriate in the crisp waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I cannot wait to get to the Cape.

* Play croquet on our front lawn and grill in our backyard with friends and family.

* Pick blueberries with my boys, just as I did with my grandfather during Massachusetts Summers.

* Master a new seasonal cocktail. I've been "researching" candidates. 

* At long last, watch a movie at a drive-in theater. I know just the spot where I want my first time to take place...

What's on your must-do list this Summer?


Float On

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It's basically an official rule of Summer that all bodies of water should have at least one cheeky floaty on its surface at any given time. From fantastic, magical beasts to sweet and salty treats (#nocarbleftbehind), these silly, colorful toys are what Summer is all about: FUN. 

A cute floaty makes for a fantastic hostess gift at a pool party and I can't think of a kid who wouldn't love to bounce in the waves on a sprinkle donut. So basically, make this your go-to gift for Summer. And don't forget to buy for yourself...

While I'd love to imagine myself (with Heidi Klum's body) luxuriating on a snow white swan this Summer, it's more likely I'll be battling my sons over an inflatable slice of pizza.

Don't jump in a lake, pool or ocean without one of these adorable inflatables. Grab yours at, at up to 80% off on Thursday 5/25 and with an extra 20% off, site-wide on 5/28, using promo code SITE20!

Anyone for Croquet?

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Croquet, the perfect sunny day sport for cardio-phobes who like to day drink. Kick off Summer with a pastel-hued, new croquet set, don your crisp whites and head to your freshly mowed lawn for a round of this centuries-old game.

Sometimes referred to as chess on grass, croquet is a tad complicated, so if you've never played, or it's been a season or two since you've swung a mallet, go here for a refresher. FYI, my family plays American Six-Wicket. While the older generations of my family took it quite seriously (tournaments in Maine, for example), we in the younger set are pretty relaxed about it all.

While it's customary to wear your best whites on the croquet lawn, give your ensemble an infusion of texture and color by way of a hat (to protect your delicate skin) and a punchy pair of pom pom sandals.

Get Summer ready and shop for your own croquet soiree (say that five times fast) on Gilt and Gilt City, at up to 80% off on Thursday 5/25 and with an extra 20% off, site-wide on 5/28, using promo code SITE20!

Endless Summer

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I adore Fall and Winter. I never want to live somewhere I don't get to experience all four seasons. Buuuuut, there's nothing like Summer. While I may be currently cozied up in sweaters and boots, waiting on Spring, it's always Summer in my mind. Because the ocean is my happy place, I find my zen when I channel the beach, sand, sun and surf, no matter how low the mercury dips.

* Summery products keep the vibe going year round: Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, Hampton Sun Privet Bloom fragrance (my husband gives this to me every now and then and I LURVE it), BECCA Beach Tint (for a sheer wash of color) and my own line, FoxSea Skin. These instantly whisk me away to the beach.

FoxSea Skin

* My FoxSea Endless Summer playlist on Spotify helps transport me to sunny days. Some are for-real fav-o-rites, others are fun and funny, campy or cheesy, but all equally summery to me. 

* I use an ambient sounds app called Sleep Pillow when I meditate (and when I'm having a hard time falling asleep). There's nothing like the sound of waves, whales and gulls to give me that moment of zen I crave each day.

* My husband knows if he asks me what I want for dinner, on any given day, I'm going to answer, "Summer Salad." He gets so annoyed, yet he keeps asking. Bucking seasonal staples for a bright and citrusy salad has the ability to make me incredibly happy. Grapefruit, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes are the perfect combo, over endive, drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and a generous dusting of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper - it's like biting into sunshine. And if I'm really feeling that Summer vibe, a crisp gin and tonic will send me right over the edge of a dune.

Summer Salad

Blast some Beach Boys and pretend it's Summer, all year long. 

The Official Shoe of Summer

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I wax poetic about the signature, stylish Jack Rogers sandals every summer. I just can't get enough of their Cape-y, island-y, Palm Beach-y vibe. Good enough for Jackie O, they're certainly good enough for me.

The above babies are the jelly version that work on the sand and the street. Bonus, they're super comfy and easy to clean. 

Shop Jack Rogers sandals and channel that Palm Beach-y vibe no matter where you might be. The 60% off sale ends August 29th. Stock up now for next Summer!


Summer Skin Forever

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People tend to be more aware of the condition of their skin during Summer months. Sun's out, guns out, amIright? Tanks, shorts, sundresses and sandals (not to mention bathing suits - ugh) expose so much, special attention is given to ensure a smooth and even, glowing appearance. Summer might be coming to a close but that doesn't mean you should stop paying attention to your body's largest organ. Keep your #SummerSkin4Ever! 

Thanks to Molton Brown, a body care brand I've loved for years and years, I have a trio of products to give away to one lucky reader (keep reading).   

The Fiery Pink Pepper body wash, scrub and lotion will leave your skin deliciously scented, perfectly polished and deeply nourished, thanks to pink pepperpods for antioxidant protection and exfoliating bamboo stem particles. The spicy-sweet fragrance is an intoxicating blend of pink pepper, ginger and patchouli - perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn. 

To enter to win, head over to my Instagram account and follow the contest rules - they're simple, I promise.

To shop the new body scrub collection from Molton Brown, a luxurious brand I just know you'll fall in love with, click here


BIG thanks to my pal @bodaciousgirl for the lovely images.