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Captain's Pipe

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My husband has been demanding a beard oil for some time now. Since he's constantly whipping up amazing meals for our family, I figured I could whip up something special for him. Thus, Captain's Pipe Beard Oil was born.

Known for its smoky-sweet, woody aroma, Vetiver helps to promote deep concentration but also inspires harmony and relaxation. The scent is masculine but not annoyingly so. In fact, I have a girl friend who uses Vetiver as her personal fragrance and it's just lovely on her! Captain's Pipe Beard Oil hydrates scraggly beards as well as the skin underneath and the scent fades beautifully throughout the day.

It could be said that beards are a hipster fad but since they don't seem to be fading away anytime soon, neither will these little vials of luxury for the men who sport them. Pick up a beard oil for the sea captain in your life this Winter. If you're lucky to live in Northeast Indiana, snap up Captain's Pipe from FoxSea Skin at Idlehour Boutique or Salon Renew