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Beach Please

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Beach, please! 

Make a splash this Summer with everything you need for the perfect beach escape. 

Be the first to score FoxSea Skin's latest launch: Gilded Universal Oil, a shimmering, golden version of the much loved multi-tasking oil. You'll also learn expert styling tips for achieving amazing beach waves from the lovely ladies of Salon Renew, and Pure Movement Pilates Studio will offer a few key mat Pilates moves, perfect for keeping bikini bods in check while on vacation. While you're here, stock up on the most stylish beach essentials, such as chic caftans, tanks and tees, bkr bottles, lightweight totes, and unbreakable plates, simply splendid for beach picnics.

Join us for this fun-filled evening, celebrating the best of Summer! #BeachVibesOnly

Tuesday, July 18th, 5 - 8p @ Idlehour Boutique in #DTFW


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My island vibes tend to skew more Nantucket than Maui but every now and then, I like a jaunty palm print or a juicy pineapple accessory. These are my picks for adding a little tropical vibe to Summer.

At Home

At the Beach

On Your Bod

fresh eats

Bring tropical tastes into the kitchen, while you're at it. These are the recipes I'm most looking forward to trying this season.

* Jala-piña, courtesy of Food & Wine - I like my cocktails with a kick.

* Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Skewers - I'll be nixing that onion, though. #vileweed

* Pineapple Cucumber Salad - Oooh, #FreshEats, indeed!

Get the sun kissed glow of an island girl for face & body.

If there’s a heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.
— Jimmy Buffett

Anyone for Croquet?

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Croquet, the perfect sunny day sport for cardio-phobes who like to day drink. Kick off Summer with a pastel-hued, new croquet set, don your crisp whites and head to your freshly mowed lawn for a round of this centuries-old game.

Sometimes referred to as chess on grass, croquet is a tad complicated, so if you've never played, or it's been a season or two since you've swung a mallet, go here for a refresher. FYI, my family plays American Six-Wicket. While the older generations of my family took it quite seriously (tournaments in Maine, for example), we in the younger set are pretty relaxed about it all.

While it's customary to wear your best whites on the croquet lawn, give your ensemble an infusion of texture and color by way of a hat (to protect your delicate skin) and a punchy pair of pom pom sandals.

Get Summer ready and shop for your own croquet soiree (say that five times fast) on Gilt and Gilt City, at up to 80% off on Thursday 5/25 and with an extra 20% off, site-wide on 5/28, using promo code SITE20!

The Classics: Trench Coat

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Effortlessly cool and classic, the trench coat is a no-fail staple that works with every wardrobe and every body type. Classics endure thanks to great design and versatility and there are few items of clothing that will serve you as well as a great quality trench coat. It adds instant polish to casual ensembles and can be a perfect complement to evening dress.

The trench coat is a key piece for anyone who loves to dress with a nautical or military flair, for a very clear reason. The trench was first developed (by either Burberry or Aquascutum, there's a debate here) for Army officers just before the First World War. Traditional styling is double-breasted, with wide lapels, 10 buttons on the chest and oversized, button-closed pockets for maps and such, as well as a self-belt and straps at the wrists (to keep moisture out while using binoculars in the rain) and buttoned shoulder straps for the attachment of epaulettes - yes, very real functions and features.


Movie stars popularized trench coats after the Second World War (Bogart in Casablanca, anyone?) and they've been mainstream ever since. While sizing of the original trench coats were roomy - because they were a layering piece over warmer woolen coats - modern cuts are slimmer, less bulky. And even though a civilian doesn't need to attach epaulettes or reach for binoculars on the regular, many of the basic features remain, while lengths, belts, textures and colors have expanded in variety. 

You simply can't go wrong with this classic. It will take you from weekends to work, then to cocktails and dinner, with elegance and ease. If you ever have the ability to splurge on the real deal from Burberry, do so. You won't ever f^ck!ng regret it. 

The Official Shoe of Summer

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I wax poetic about the signature, stylish Jack Rogers sandals every summer. I just can't get enough of their Cape-y, island-y, Palm Beach-y vibe. Good enough for Jackie O, they're certainly good enough for me.

The above babies are the jelly version that work on the sand and the street. Bonus, they're super comfy and easy to clean. 

Shop Jack Rogers sandals and channel that Palm Beach-y vibe no matter where you might be. The 60% off sale ends August 29th. Stock up now for next Summer!


No Grit, No Pearl

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Marriage is both wonderful and tough. My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this summer. We took some time to reflect on how we've changed, what we've accomplished, what we've overcome and what we've built so far. We are both hardworking and dedicated to our professional lives but we also certainly know how to kick back and have some fun, with our little family and with our fantastic friends. We are very lucky in so many ways...

Pearls make the best gifts. 

I've been thinking that marriage (or any relationship) is kind of like a pearl. Over time, a tiny speck grows into a stunning gem by adding layer upon layer, shimmering, luminous, full of beauty. With hard work and unshakable dedication, my husband and I have a strong marriage that has weathered the extreme highs and lows of our modern life. My love for my husband and the love he shows in return is the most beautiful treasure in our little universe.

NYFW Fall/Winter 2016

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I only passively pay attention to fashion weeks these days but I always perk up when I see anything remotely nautical (military, in general) come down the runways. Fall/Winter 2016 wasn't overflowing with my fav-o-rite trend but I'll take what I can get. Especially when Mr. Hilfiger packed so much in to his collection. Here's what caught my eye for Fall/Winter 2016.


Photo: REX/Shutterstock

The entire collection was a smash with tons of meaningful details and a 1940's vintage vibe. And the steamship set? Swoon... Each season, Tommy Hilfiger comes up with a theme and runs with it. I can't wait to see the ad campaigns for this collection. 

Click for details, photos and more on Tommy Hilfiger.



Photo: COACH

COACH took the classic navy wool pea coat and gave it fun, colorful embellishments that look fresh, even if a little costume-y. Hello Sailor!

Click for an interactive look at the collection. 



Photo: Tibi

Tibi's olive drab military trench was given luxe details like red contrast piping and shining, oversized buttons. Put a gold button on (almost) anything and I'll dig it. 

Click to see the full collection here. 

There's been a lot of recent chatter about the evolution of runway shows. Read about how the approach to fashion week is changing here

Distinguishing Mark

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Holiday dressing can be tricky, for sure. The pressure to be festive and glamorous mounts with every new party added to the busy December calendar.

But let's make this yearly wardrobe challenge a bit easier, once and for all: If you have one kickass dress, in a solid color, make that your uniform then kick it up with over the top jewelry; specifically earrings or necklaces, since rings and bangles won't be as visible as a glittering strand around your neck or dramatic drops dangling from your ears.

This season, Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's is killing it when it comes to holiday sparkle. Bonus: the price point means you can buy a couple of options to keep on hand. By switching out not only jewelry but hosiery, clutch and shoes, your holiday uniform will look completely different for every outing. 

Shop Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's - currently on sale! #boom 


The Classics: Boat Shoe

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In the early 1930's, a boating enthusiast named Paul Sperry was walking his dog and became enthralled with how the pup handled himself while running on the ice. While inspecting the dog's paws, he discovered a natural herringbone pattern, the inspiration for the sole of what would become his signature, non-slip boating shoe, The Sperry Top-Sider. A perennial favorite for decades, in recent years, Top-Siders have grown in popularity thanks to a widening array of leathers, colors and styles. Whether you have plans to step foot on a boat or not, these classic loafers are a must have staple. If they're good enough for the U.S. Navy, they're good enough for me. 

The Classics: Breton Stripe

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A Breton stripe boat neck t shirt is a fashion icon not only of classic French style but also that of nautical style. But why? In 1858, the shirt started out as the official uniform for French Navy seamen stationed in Brittany but quickly became popular among working mariners due to the comfortable, durable nature of the garment. The distinctive 21 stripes of the original design (one for each of Napoléon Bonaparte's victories) also made the garment easier to spot among the waves. 

Mademoiselle Chanel included a Breton stripe top in her 1917 nautical collection and later the Beatnik movement adopted the design as their own in the 50's & 60's with notable devotees such as Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgwick and Audrey Hepburn. Today, the iconic shirt is seen well beyond France on stylish ladies, gents and children. 

If you only purchase one, make sure it's from Saint James, the legendary manufacturer of the original design, which still supplies the French Navy and French Army with their official uniform sweaters. 

True Blue

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Navy boots are SOFA KING hard to find. I mean, sure, you can get a rubber rain boot in navy blue but the cute leather and suede booties and knee boots we all love?!? The options are generally black and 73 various shades of brown. If you've been searching for navy blue boots, or on the flip side have just now been inspired to want them, here ya go:

Army of One

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Just like the nautical style of dressing I love so much, the military trend, while it does ebb and flow, never actually goes away. Thus, great pieces like this swacket (yes, I blended sweater and jacket) will remain evergreen in your wardrobe. The sweater sleeves and collar are cozy while the olive-toned cotton body features cool zipper and button details, with a cinched waist to keep you from looking boxy. As the Commanding Officer of NWS, I declare this swacket to be the perfect piece for the transitional weather we're currently experiencing

*Bonus: it's on sale.

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

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While I'd love nothing more than to wear a sailor hat daily, sometimes I need a more subtle way to express my passion for nautical style. I own tons of anchors. I love a classic Breton stripe. And I dig a good compass. Especially in rose gold.

My very first piece from Alex & Ani (purchased quite a few years ago at a tiny shop on Cape Cod) was a compass bangle that reminded me of my very first logo for Navigate with Style. That bangle has been lovingly worn and it has the dings to prove it. But I think I need this rose gold upgrade...

Alex and Ani Compass Bangle & Compass Necklace in Rose Gold 


NYFW Spring/Summer 2016

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There was a time, not so long ago, when I really paid attention to the New York Fashion Week shows and presentations. But since I'm no longer paid to review them, I've become more detached and thus, less and less interested. Now, I passively follow along on Instagram instead of pouring over each slide on of each designer/brand. BUT! I'm always on the lookout for nautical and military inspired pieces and I saw plenty of Internet chatter this past week that sparked my interest. Behold, a few faves.

Ralph Lauren

Photo: Gianni Pucci /

Photo: Yuko Torihara/Getty Images North America

Photo: Marcus Tondo /

What were your favorite looks or collections from NYFW Spring Summer 2016? Tweet me @navigatewstyle