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style resolutions...

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As Christmas and the New Year approach, I have resolutions on the brain. Of course, I have some more meaningful changes to make in 2013 but let's just have fun with my style resolutions, 'kay?

* wear more color...It's easy to slide into a uniform of basic black so I'll be integrating more vibrant hues into my wardrobe this year. 

* embrace prints...I tend to have issues with prints due to my curves but I love to have fun with my clothing so I'll be pushing myself a bit out of my comfort zone here.

* ditch nail art...I'm just a little sick of the sloppy looking polish out there. Classic mani's are where it's at! 

* get back to more organic/natural products...I haven't been as strict with my beauty purchases in the last few months so I'll be returning to my organic faves and trying out some new launches --- because I'm worth it.

* work with what I've got...I need to make more of an effort to wear what I already own, remix my closet, jewelry box, accessories. Part of the challenge here is to re-organize so I can see it all in the first place!

What are your style resolutions for 2013? Tweet them to me at @navigatewstyle

ps - My boy is now on school vacation so I'm taking a bit of a break from blogging to fully maximize my time with him. See you in 2013!