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East Coast

The August List

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August is always all about Cape Cod for me. I've spent every summer of my life in East Sandwich, Massachusetts and while I don't get as much time as I used to, I still appreciate every single minute. I'm incredibly lucky to have grandparents who felt strongly about their progeny truly knowing and appreciating the beauty, wonder and peace of the Cape. My love of the family home stems from their love for me and my siblings and a charming place where we've shared so many great memories. I'm thrilled to continue this tradition with my boys and hope they'll know Cape Cod throughout their childhood and into adulthood. While every trip is different, there are a few constants I always look forward to: lobster, sandy feet, Four Seas ice cream, cheap sailor knot bracelets, gorgeous sunsets...

Since we no longer live in Massachusetts, I try to infuse daily life with reminders of Boston and the Cape so that our boys treat it as a second home, instead of just a place we visit every year. I'm confident we'll be Mass-holes again some day, but until then, we'll savor our yearly trips to our little slice of paradise.