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Olympic Style...

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Now that we've had a little distance from the July 4th festivities let's dive right back into red, white & blue mode for the upcoming Olympics. I relish every aspect of the Olympic Games (though I prefer Winter to Summer) and can't wait for the Opening Ceremonies in London. I particularly love the special edition merch, especially since the Union Jack is so prominently featured.

Regardless of the Made in China controversyRalph Lauren's uniforms for Team USA scream preppy/chic flight attendant (which I dig) and will make our athletes look quite sharp for the official festivities. In addition to the official gear, many brands, including Alex & Ani and Butter London, have put out fantastic limited edition items for the occasion. However, I'd avoid the Olympic Ring peep toe stilettos below...


Check out the official website of the London 2012 Olympic Games for a complete schedule, news, athlete information and the online shop, natch.


Soda Stream...

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I was nicely gifted this holiday season and I'm truly thankful for all the gifts in my life, material and otherwise. But my favorite prezzie is my new Soda Stream!!! I'm a club soda with lemon ADDICT (I don't mess with any "colas") and having the ability to create sparkling water in mere seconds is absolutely THRILLING!

The device is slim, doesn't use electricity and is super easy to use. My recycling bin is also MUCH lighter...This pleasant and uplifting promo video says it all, yes?

Bonus video from the 80's!
Why did it take me so long to get busy with the fizzy? England had Soda Streams decades ago...

Ahhhh, so refreshing!


Halloween is here...

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Well, it's time to trick or treat so I guess I'll reveal my costume!  If you've learned anything about me it's that I adore all things BRITISH.  And, I find the best Halloween costumes are topical so this year I'm dressing up as Princess Beatrice as she attended the wedding of William & Kate!  It was love at first sight for me when I spied the "Fallopian tube" hat by Philip's truly a unique creation if I ever saw one and quite frankly, I think it's pretty!

I purchased a red wig (couldn't find a strawberry blonde version) and am wearing a dark, smoky eye with a nude lip and contoured cheeks, just like Beatrice.  The headpiece I ordered came in a little more pink than I expected so my coat and shoes aren't an exact match but I have a feeling no one will be looking past my head gear...

I'm sure there will be many Princess Beatrice Halloweeners this year but I don't care...this will go down as one of my personal favorites!

Happy (and safe) Trick or Treating everyone!

easy Halloween costume tips...

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Halloween is just around the corner so on INsight yesterday I discussed easy ways to work with what you have to create fun costumes without spending too much time or money.  That being said, if you like to go all out for Halloween be my guest!  If you don't, this segment is for you...

* Emilie, Charity & I discuss Adult Halloween Costumes - here's a link to the awesome picture of the Ferris Bueller group costume I reference on the show (they killed it)!

* Here are my key elements for dressing up your LBD to create a few classic Halloween looks.  I'm still  not ready to divulge my exact costume but my lovely, GIANT, pink flower I wear at the end of the segment is a rawwwther big hint.

Thanks AS ALWAYS for watching!