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French Lessons...part un

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I just returned from a fantastic week in France and have so much to share! I jammed lots of sightseeing and shopping into my visit (more on those later) as well as lots of delicious food.

No matter where I was I could always find a Patisserie with amazing treats and sandwiches. The Croque Monsieur is very popular as are classic baguette sandwiches of cheese, jambon (ham) and tomatoes, sometimes eaten in the bag while walking down the street. One of my favorite discoveries was the Galette De Bretagne - a savory, buckwheat crepe paired with cheeses, meats and veggies, popular in Normandy & Brittany. I had one absolutely terrible meal that included a dish called Terrine which is basically potted meat...ick! I've spared you the're welcome.
My coffee experience was kind of hit or miss. I found one or two places with "to go" options but generally, in order to get coffee I had to sit down at a cafe for 20 minutes. If I lived in France I'd enjoy this change of pace but since I was trying to pack as much in as possible I found this to be annoying and often went without  my treasured caffeine. Nowhere did I find lattes on the menu, much less iced lattes but I am almost as happy with a cappuccino which always came with a lovely square of chocolate. The desserts were crazy good and I enjoyed lots of great wine and beer. One of my favorite drinks was called a Monaco which is beer and grenadine (pictured below left).

* Galette De Bretagne recipe...I sent this to my husb to make asap!
* Monaco drink recipe
* Croque Monsieur recipe

Bon Appetit!

The Five 2.3

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{ The Five }

{ I love to put my name or initials on anything & everything. 
I fell in love with these small, pink letter pins that I've attached to my work bag. }

{ my lovely friend Flo gave me these awesome bobby pins! }

{ this Navajo inspired blanket sweater from Old Navy is so cozy and colorful! }

{ my new favorite snack...delicious and packed with goodness! }

{ do you by chance remember a Starburst commercial from a few years ago featuring a "little lad" that gets giddy for berries & cream? Sadly, my brain retains this type of information rather than more important things. I've been playing the commercial over and over for my little boy which is how we stumbled across the above makes my kid giggle and that makes me giggle. }


Soda Stream...

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I was nicely gifted this holiday season and I'm truly thankful for all the gifts in my life, material and otherwise. But my favorite prezzie is my new Soda Stream!!! I'm a club soda with lemon ADDICT (I don't mess with any "colas") and having the ability to create sparkling water in mere seconds is absolutely THRILLING!

The device is slim, doesn't use electricity and is super easy to use. My recycling bin is also MUCH lighter...This pleasant and uplifting promo video says it all, yes?

Bonus video from the 80's!
Why did it take me so long to get busy with the fizzy? England had Soda Streams decades ago...

Ahhhh, so refreshing!