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picking strawberries...

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Right in the thick of strawberry season, I'm craving lush, pink shades for lips and cheeks. Plus, the fresh scent of ripe berries for body scrubs, shower gels and balms is light and innocent - perfect for sweet, sunny days.

fresh picked...

Strawberries are loaded with anti aging antioxidants! Here's my DIY Strawberry Sugar Scrub:

Mash 2 or 3 strawberries in a bowl then mix 1 tablespoon each of honey and sugar. Add grapeseed oil as needed to make the scrub less abrasive. Use on feet, body or face, depending on skin sensitivity. Rinse well and follow up with moisturizer and SPF.

Olympic Style...

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Now that we've had a little distance from the July 4th festivities let's dive right back into red, white & blue mode for the upcoming Olympics. I relish every aspect of the Olympic Games (though I prefer Winter to Summer) and can't wait for the Opening Ceremonies in London. I particularly love the special edition merch, especially since the Union Jack is so prominently featured.

Regardless of the Made in China controversyRalph Lauren's uniforms for Team USA scream preppy/chic flight attendant (which I dig) and will make our athletes look quite sharp for the official festivities. In addition to the official gear, many brands, including Alex & Ani and Butter London, have put out fantastic limited edition items for the occasion. However, I'd avoid the Olympic Ring peep toe stilettos below...


Check out the official website of the London 2012 Olympic Games for a complete schedule, news, athlete information and the online shop, natch.


SPF & Self Tanning Basics...

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I am a freak about sun protection! I slather myself in lotions and creams and regularly wear hats and sunglasses to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. I also tend to be a recluse in the summer...

While no topical product is perfect I always make sure my SPF of choice is broad spectrum which filters both UVA & UVB rays (UVA penetrates deep into the skin and causes premature aging while UVB attacks the surface and causes burning). I like to use eco products when I can and my current fave is a body oil by Kiss My FaceI'm also a big fan of generic brands from stores like Target, CVS & Walgreens - the formulas are just as great (usually the exact same) and at a fraction of the cost. Solid SPF sticks are great for ears, lips and bald spots and Zinka is a colorful "nosecoat" that makes sun protection fun for kids (and adults like me).

As for self tanning, the formulas are so great these days and there are lots of options at all price points. I tend to use mousse versions because they absorb quickly and the finish seems to be more even. If DIY sunless tanning isn't for you there are tons of professional airbrush options. I layer a body shimmer like RCK or Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion over my "tan" for a bit of extra glow.

Check out my latest segment on INsight for a bit more info:

There is no such thing as a "healthy tan" and it's easier to prevent skin damage than to treat it so vow to become an SPF freak like me. And for crying out loud, NEVER set foot in a tanning bed...NEVER!


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It's OPPRESSIVELY hot...angry hot. I look for relief anywhere I can get it. Beauty products that contain spearmint or peppermint help to cool the skin and a chilly atomizer of Evian water, especially when carried in a cute cooler/handbag, can provide a refreshing mist for your visage. Hide under a light colored hat and sip chilly, mint infused water. Or just refuse to leave air conditioned interiors.