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Olympic Style...

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Now that we've had a little distance from the July 4th festivities let's dive right back into red, white & blue mode for the upcoming Olympics. I relish every aspect of the Olympic Games (though I prefer Winter to Summer) and can't wait for the Opening Ceremonies in London. I particularly love the special edition merch, especially since the Union Jack is so prominently featured.

Regardless of the Made in China controversyRalph Lauren's uniforms for Team USA scream preppy/chic flight attendant (which I dig) and will make our athletes look quite sharp for the official festivities. In addition to the official gear, many brands, including Alex & Ani and Butter London, have put out fantastic limited edition items for the occasion. However, I'd avoid the Olympic Ring peep toe stilettos below...


Check out the official website of the London 2012 Olympic Games for a complete schedule, news, athlete information and the online shop, natch.


French Dressing...clair

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French Dressing 2

This is a lighter take on the chic French girl uni and one that I saw more and more as the weather got warmer. I previously noted the amount of Longchamp totes I spotted around town but Louis Vuitton handbags are still tops in Paris. Simple metallic touches and a colorful scarf keep this monochromatic ensemble from looking too flat. When hair wasn't worn down a sleek topknot was worn instead.

French Dressing...fonce

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French Dressing 1
Skinny pants, printed blouses, ballet flats and scarves are the well known mainstays of the cool French girl uniform, with cropped leather jackets on cooler days. I was surprised to see just how many ladies were carrying Longchamp totes and after purchasing one of my own I now understand the popularity. They're roomy, lightweight and perfect for travel. I also noticed a surprising lack of jewelry and makeup while hair was typically worn long and loose. The overall look was cool and chic but not forced...very relaxed.

a piece of the pie...

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A few years ago I fell in love with Proenza Schouler's PS1 handbag, just like everyone else. While the bag has eluded me (for now, mwahahahaha!) I do own a PS1 clutch that I use constantly. Owning a small piece from a designer brand is a reasonable way to get a piece of the pie and feels special to a girl like me. I don't have a Chanel suit but I do have a lovely pair of Chanel earrings. I don't carry a Birkin bag but I do have an orange (natch!) Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet. These treasured touches of luxury can elevate a basic ensemble and I make use of my limited budget by investing in accessories.

I recently acquired a Proenza Schouler wallet...though wallet is not quite accurate as it's more of a pouch. The actual wallet styles include some sort of zipper but if I purchased one I'd have no money to put inside. My non wallet wallet has a fab entry price point for Proenza Schouler fans on a LeSportsac budget.

I adore the colorful print!


side note: how dope is this season's Neon Coral color?!? SO dope...