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It's OPPRESSIVELY hot...angry hot. I look for relief anywhere I can get it. Beauty products that contain spearmint or peppermint help to cool the skin and a chilly atomizer of Evian water, especially when carried in a cute cooler/handbag, can provide a refreshing mist for your visage. Hide under a light colored hat and sip chilly, mint infused water. Or just refuse to leave air conditioned interiors.


The Five 6.8

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While the official hue of the season is Tangerine Tango I've been seeing lots of great pieces in crisp and refreshing mentha spicata. Since I'll be forced to endure 90 degree temps this weekend I'll break out my Mentha Vitamin Body Lotion for a little tingle and some spearmint accessories to at least appear cool!

My 5 minty accessory picks:

minty fresh

Spearmint looks especially luxurious when paired with small touches of gold (as with the ring pictured above) and a pretty pink lip!

Happy Weekend!


Earth Day 2012

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In honor of Earth Day 2012 below are a few quick and easy ways to start greening your beauty & style routine:

* Buy shampoo & conditioner in "pro" sizes to cut down on the amount of plastic bottles you use. Aveda does a great job informing their clients of the cost savings and the environmental impact of this practice.
* Instead of bottled body wash use bar soap to cut down on packaging. I adore Beekman 1802 goat milk soaps.
* Be as vigilant about recycling your personal care bottles and jars as you are about your food and beverage packaging. Some brands offer an incentive for turning in old products. Kiehls & MAC have fab programs right now.
* Patronize socially conscious companies and buy from trusted stores and websites. For beauty products I look to Saffron Rouge & Whole Body at Whole Foods for their fantastic selection and high standards. As for clothing and accessories Eco Fashion World offers a list of ethical fashion brands.
* I try my very best to avoid plastic bags as much as possible so I always carry at least one reusable shopping bag with me. I am a HUGE fan of Baggu bags because they fold down into tidy, lightweight squares. I also love Envirosax and RuMe bags. All three companies offer multiple sizes in pretty colors and patterns, are easily washed and super durable.

Happy Earth Day!