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best damn eco polish remover...

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I've had this bottle of eco nail polish remover for over a year but this weekend I finally gave it a shot. I LOVE IT! I love it so much I gave all my other removers away. The smell is pleasant, the formula is vegan, chock full of great ingredients and leaves nail moisturized, not parched. It does take a little more work to remove the polish than with traditional (toxic) formulas but it's totally worth it. Check out PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics for this as well as toxic free nail polishes and lip glosses.

ps-I've stored my unopened bottle for so long the packaging is now out of date!

lip tar...

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Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is my new favorite lippy. The texture is thin and light but covers like a lipstick. The colors can be worn alone, under a gloss, over a balm and mixes well with others. The most precise application comes from using a lip brush but I typically just use my ring finger. A little goes a long way so $14 for the tube is quite generous and the formula is 100% vegan to boot!

I purchased two middle of the road colors (Memento & Grandma) but for my next order I'll get a little more daring. Check out the full range of colors here.

priti polish...

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I don't always sport a mani/pedi but when I do I like for my polish to be as eco as possible. Priti is one of my all time favorite nail brands because the company is deeply committed to non toxic beauty and has one of the most impressive arrays of colors out there. Their soy nail polish remover is not only non toxic but biodegradable to boot! To read more about their formulas and devotion to sustainability click here.

For the upcoming Summer Olympics in London Priti has created two special edition polish collections. The colors are gorgeous, especially the metallics which are perfect for pedicures as well as funky nail art.


To shop the full assortment of polishes {with super funky names} and care products visit

Side note: Don't you hate it when a beloved beauty product or color is discontinued? It's the worst! Sadly, my favorite Priti polish, Devil's Fig, has met that fate so I'll make my last bottle s-t-r-e-t-c-h as long as possible. It was the most amazingly sheer and glossy highlighter yellow...sigh.

Earth Day 2012

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In honor of Earth Day 2012 below are a few quick and easy ways to start greening your beauty & style routine:

* Buy shampoo & conditioner in "pro" sizes to cut down on the amount of plastic bottles you use. Aveda does a great job informing their clients of the cost savings and the environmental impact of this practice.
* Instead of bottled body wash use bar soap to cut down on packaging. I adore Beekman 1802 goat milk soaps.
* Be as vigilant about recycling your personal care bottles and jars as you are about your food and beverage packaging. Some brands offer an incentive for turning in old products. Kiehls & MAC have fab programs right now.
* Patronize socially conscious companies and buy from trusted stores and websites. For beauty products I look to Saffron Rouge & Whole Body at Whole Foods for their fantastic selection and high standards. As for clothing and accessories Eco Fashion World offers a list of ethical fashion brands.
* I try my very best to avoid plastic bags as much as possible so I always carry at least one reusable shopping bag with me. I am a HUGE fan of Baggu bags because they fold down into tidy, lightweight squares. I also love Envirosax and RuMe bags. All three companies offer multiple sizes in pretty colors and patterns, are easily washed and super durable.

Happy Earth Day!


eos lip balms...

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As a product junkie I am fully capable of admitting that packaging is a HUGE part of my selection process. If the packaging isn't cool or pretty I'll very rarely make the purchase.

I first tried eos {evolution of smooth} lip balm precisely because the packaging was so awesome. These spheres are colorful objet d'art with an effective, eco friendly moisture balm inside. The container is left very plain so there's no labeling to interfere with the design. Also, I loathe lip products that make me use my finger to apply {gag me with a spoon} so I was pleased to find the sphere was not a pot but the applicator itself.

My favorite formula is Sweet Mint, as I'm sure you can tell by the image above, but in the summer I also use the Lemon Drop version with SPF15.

Bonus: While I'm testing out laser hair removal at home I still have to shave. I've been using the eos paraben free pomegranate raspberry shave cream, which you can use dry or wet, as well as their beautifully packaged hand lotion.

Check out eos online by!