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Thursday Friday totes...

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These cheeky totes by Thursday Friday are hysterical and a harmless way to wear a design inspired by Chanel, Chloe, Balenciaga, because they're so obviously not the real thing. The canvas bags are lightweight but sturdy and the design is printed on all four sides as well as the bottom. They're fantastic summer bags in their own right.

Thursday Friday totes...

I'm currently carrying the "Diamonds Together" design in red...because it's probably the closest I'll get to owning a Chanel 2.55!

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The Five 6.8

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While the official hue of the season is Tangerine Tango I've been seeing lots of great pieces in crisp and refreshing mentha spicata. Since I'll be forced to endure 90 degree temps this weekend I'll break out my Mentha Vitamin Body Lotion for a little tingle and some spearmint accessories to at least appear cool!

My 5 minty accessory picks:

minty fresh

Spearmint looks especially luxurious when paired with small touches of gold (as with the ring pictured above) and a pretty pink lip!

Happy Weekend!


French Dressing...clair

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French Dressing 2

This is a lighter take on the chic French girl uni and one that I saw more and more as the weather got warmer. I previously noted the amount of Longchamp totes I spotted around town but Louis Vuitton handbags are still tops in Paris. Simple metallic touches and a colorful scarf keep this monochromatic ensemble from looking too flat. When hair wasn't worn down a sleek topknot was worn instead.