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The Five 5.11

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It was a very good week...

Most Talkative by Andy Cohen was released on Tuesday and I'm super excited to read it! I'm obsessed with all things Bravo and I loves me some Watch What Happens Live. Andy has been promoting his book which lead him to a fantastic appearance on the Howard Stern show...two of my favorites collide!!!

I'm a HUGE fan of Howard Stern and this week has been a big treat for Stern fans everywhere. His media tour to promote the new season of America's Got Talent has given us tons of great clips from talk shows like The View, Jimmy Fallon and The Today Show. I cannot wait to see Howard on AGT starting Monday, May 14th.

I try to avoid political topics on NWS but I'm strongly for gay marriage. I was extremely pleased with Obama's statement on the matter this week. Well done Mr. President.

For the last year I've been enjoying a reprieve from a nine to five job and I've loved nearly every minute of it. This week I did something I had never done before: I attended a weekday TinCaps baseball game at 11:05am! It was glorious and I felt so free...I won't forget that feeling anytime soon.

Last but not least: Mother's Day is this weekend and I want to give a hearty HOLLA to all the fantastic Moms I know. I've been "Mumma" for 4 years and it is NO JOKE. The extreme love I feel for my little guy coupled with the pressure of raising a happy, healthy and respectful child is the craziest combo but I wouldn't trade it for anything.


queen of fashion...

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Anyone that knows me well knows I have always been fascinated by Marie Antoinette.  A tragic and misunderstood figure, doomed to fail, Marie Antoinette had a most delightful fashion sense with a long lasting impact on style. I won't bore you with historical details since others have already blazed that trail leaps and bounds beyond what I could write here.  Book recommendations on the subject are:

Marie Antoinette by Antonia Frasier
Queen of Fashion by Caroline Weber

I have a few Marie Antoinette related odds and ends I've collected over the years however my prized possession are eight dinner plates from the Queen's table, no doubt looted during the revolution.  They were purchased at auction by my great grandmother and were given to me while in high school.  I've had the good sense to securely stash them off site all these years...I just don't feel adult enough to house them at Chez Fox.

Behold the loveliness:

I am beyond excited for my upcoming trip to France so that I can finally visit Versailles...


"Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?”
- Marie Antoinette

The Five 3.2

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{ The Five

Hello Giggles Podcast! I've been really into podcasts lately (listening to them, creating them, what have you). I downloaded Episode 1 of The Couch from Hello Giggles in late January but just got around to listening to it. The hosts Jensen Karp and Sophia Rossi are not licensed therapists but that isn't stopping them from analyzing themselves and celeb guests like Haylie Duff. If you're a fan of Hello Giggles, co founded by Zooey Deschanel, you'll love this hilarious show.

The Oscars! IMHO Michelle Williams was best dressed at the Academy Awards this year. The color and construction of her gown was stunning! Image via Pinterest

Song Quest! I heard a song ages ago but couldn't remember the name of the band or the song. It's been bothering me but I finally caught it on the radio! The King & All Of His Men by Wolf Gang has now been on repeat for a week straight...

Wannabe Artist! I absolutely SUCK at drawing. I'm not good but that doesn't stop me from doodling. I ran across these amazing LYRA colored pencils while at The Frist Museum in Nashville a few weeks ago. The colors are creamy and so brilliant. My drawings are still ugly but MAN OH MAN are they vibrant!

The NWS Makeup Shakeup Party! I was asked by a group of friends to join them for a wine & cheese party and to help them with skincare and makeup application tips and product recommendations. The host set out mirrors, cups of cotton swabs and white washcloths for each guest to use and then take home. Everyone arrived with makeup free faces and brought the products they currently use so I could asses their needs. It was a fun evening and so interesting for me to learn of some common fears about makeup applications and skincare regimens. I'd love to do more of these...