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French Dressing...clair

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French Dressing 2

This is a lighter take on the chic French girl uni and one that I saw more and more as the weather got warmer. I previously noted the amount of Longchamp totes I spotted around town but Louis Vuitton handbags are still tops in Paris. Simple metallic touches and a colorful scarf keep this monochromatic ensemble from looking too flat. When hair wasn't worn down a sleek topknot was worn instead.

French Dressing...fonce

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French Dressing 1
Skinny pants, printed blouses, ballet flats and scarves are the well known mainstays of the cool French girl uniform, with cropped leather jackets on cooler days. I was surprised to see just how many ladies were carrying Longchamp totes and after purchasing one of my own I now understand the popularity. They're roomy, lightweight and perfect for travel. I also noticed a surprising lack of jewelry and makeup while hair was typically worn long and loose. The overall look was cool and chic but not forced...very relaxed.

spring colors...

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For years I have been toiling about my favorite or orange? Orange or pink? When deciding on my new NWS logo I felt I needed to embrace both so instead of continuing the debate in my head pink & orange (or orange & pink) are now co-favorites. Ah, these first world problems of mine...

As I become weary of my drab fall & winter clothes I yearn for spring when I can embrace the rainbow of colors seen on the runway. It seems any and all colors will have their moment in the sun this season, especially neon and pastel shades...often paired together.

I'm most excited about the Pantone color of the season, Tangerine Tango, which is already starting to pop up in stores. I've even spotted some pieces that combine my co-favorites such as this loverly pair of flats from J. Crew...which I snapped up instantly.

Aren't they cute? It's like wearing my blog on my feet!


American spirit style...

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I love visiting museums with my family and it's no secret that I'm a sucker for the gift shops. I justify this habit by saying I'm supporting the arts! I recently visited the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art (on yet another train adventure with my boy) and discovered a lovely collection of Western inspired and authentic Navajo jewelry and accessories in addition to all the usual suspects of a typical museum store.

Pendleton handbags, amazing cosmetic pouches that could easily double as nighttime clutches, woven coasters, horse hair keychains and some colorful cowboy boots that would be awesome with an unfussy, black ensemble.  The Navajo look is right on trend and while some of these products are crafted by actual Native Americans, all are made in the USA --- these items are the real deal.

If you happen to be in Indianapolis, check out the Eiteljorg for an amazing collection of gorgeous art and artifacts and do NOT fail to spend some time in the store!