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Earth Day 2012

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In honor of Earth Day 2012 below are a few quick and easy ways to start greening your beauty & style routine:

* Buy shampoo & conditioner in "pro" sizes to cut down on the amount of plastic bottles you use. Aveda does a great job informing their clients of the cost savings and the environmental impact of this practice.
* Instead of bottled body wash use bar soap to cut down on packaging. I adore Beekman 1802 goat milk soaps.
* Be as vigilant about recycling your personal care bottles and jars as you are about your food and beverage packaging. Some brands offer an incentive for turning in old products. Kiehls & MAC have fab programs right now.
* Patronize socially conscious companies and buy from trusted stores and websites. For beauty products I look to Saffron Rouge & Whole Body at Whole Foods for their fantastic selection and high standards. As for clothing and accessories Eco Fashion World offers a list of ethical fashion brands.
* I try my very best to avoid plastic bags as much as possible so I always carry at least one reusable shopping bag with me. I am a HUGE fan of Baggu bags because they fold down into tidy, lightweight squares. I also love Envirosax and RuMe bags. All three companies offer multiple sizes in pretty colors and patterns, are easily washed and super durable.

Happy Earth Day!


a piece of the pie...

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A few years ago I fell in love with Proenza Schouler's PS1 handbag, just like everyone else. While the bag has eluded me (for now, mwahahahaha!) I do own a PS1 clutch that I use constantly. Owning a small piece from a designer brand is a reasonable way to get a piece of the pie and feels special to a girl like me. I don't have a Chanel suit but I do have a lovely pair of Chanel earrings. I don't carry a Birkin bag but I do have an orange (natch!) Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet. These treasured touches of luxury can elevate a basic ensemble and I make use of my limited budget by investing in accessories.

I recently acquired a Proenza Schouler wallet...though wallet is not quite accurate as it's more of a pouch. The actual wallet styles include some sort of zipper but if I purchased one I'd have no money to put inside. My non wallet wallet has a fab entry price point for Proenza Schouler fans on a LeSportsac budget.

I adore the colorful print!


side note: how dope is this season's Neon Coral color?!? SO dope...

new bracelet combo...

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I've been searching for a few years to find something from Brighton Collectibles that I could wear because my son shares the name and I thought it'd be cute to own a piece. Last year I fell in love with an alligator cuff from the store that I always wear with my treasured orange Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet.

Last week I went back to see if they had any other ferocious animals I could wear on my arm and found this slithering snake. It's my new favorite combo.

I also spied a cougar that would be a great sub should my alligator need a rest. I'll be adding that to my collection soon enough...

The Cosmetic Market...

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I'm being completely serious when I say that my jaw dropped when I walked into this local Nashville chain for the first time. I stood just inside the door trying to take it all in and determine my best route around the store. The space is sparkling clean and bright and the bakers racks seem to go on forever. The selection of high end beauty booty was staggering and there were even a few brands I hadn't yet heard of. There's a small hair salon in back as well as one skin treatment room but I didn't have time to try out their services. Hands down The Cosmetic Market is by far the best large scale cosmetic store I've ever visited...

My view from the sliding market doors...isn't it pretty?

My favorite Emi-Jay hair elastics in fun colors and patterns.

The most obvious way to sell hair appliances is to let the customer try before they buy.
I adore the curly, orange electrical cords hanging from the ceiling.

The newsstand and some of their market bags for sale. 
Refreshments and snacks are also available but not pictured.

Baggu bags (my faves) and a few other lifestyle accessories.

A play area for the juniors so Mommy can spend money...genius!

Clean Scene is a teen skincare line by Murad and starts at $16.

LAFCO's Little Luxuries soy blend candles smell lovely and come with their own box of matches contained in the lid (which doubles as a stand for the candle when burning). To me, these tins scream "HOSTESS GIFT!"

The cleanest and most complete selection of Mario Badescu I've ever seen.

I will definitely visit The Cosmetic Market every time I happen to be in Nashville and I suggest you do the same. Plan to take your time and to spend some coin...

Hill Center at Green Hills 
4015 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 107 Nashville, TN  37215