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blast from the past...

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As a small girl growing up in the awesome 80's, before I was even allowed to wear makeup, I received a Caboodle as a birthday gift. At the time, I used it to organize toys and my stash of candy. By the time I got into preteen cosmetics I was a master at organizing my teal and pink Caboodle and I used it for years to keep my Bonne Bell lip products and clear mascara neat and tidy. Although I can't remember what happened to it, I cherish the memory of my  girly tackle box.

Until very recently, I hadn't even considered that Caboodles were still around or that I would own one again, this time in my mid 30's. Thanks to my near constant presence online, reading blogs, stalking social media channels and pinning everything I desire, I discovered that Caboodles are still manufactured! Even better - Plano, the parent company, had reissued their original 1987 peachy pink and white case, sold exclusively through their Facebook page for a limited time. Naturally, I got in on that action. 

My Caboodle just arrived and without delay I've started transferring my cosmetics to the case. Bonus: it turns out I have room for even more cosmetics!  

Totally RAD!

ps - for other Caboodle styles and products hop on over to their website.