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those beautiful Bluths...

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I'm a big fan of Arrested Development and have often thought of the wonderful line of beauty & personal care products that could have graced the shelves of drugstores everywhere had the show not been cancelled...

Million F***ing Diamonds Anti Aging Cream - Imparts a luxurious and youthful shimmer. Use sparingly to avoid possible lung poisoning.

Blue Myself Cream Eye Shadow - Guaranteed to last through the most intense paint drum banging show.

Ostero Hair Gel - Give your brownish areas pretty points that will stand out at any charity gala! 

Leather Daddy Tanning Oil SPF 2 - Apply liberally for a healthy glow that says, "Daddy Likes Leather" skin..

Scholarly Pursuits Personal Lube - For those intimate moments....

Just Woke Up Hair-spray - Get that sexy bed-head chic look with this highly effective, aerosol spray.

Candy Beans Body Splash - Now you can smell like a whole thing of candy beans.

Gangee Artificial Tears - For when you'd like to cry but you just can't spare the moisture.

Glisten Toothpaste - New & improved with a flip top cap. Never leave the f***ing cap off again!