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Fashionable Friends...Lorin!

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I spotted Lorin before we ever met. We were in a college lecture hall with 46 other students and their parents for a London study abroad orientation. Lorin was asking all the right questions and sporting that season's colorful Gap sweater that was all the rage. You know, the striped one from Winter of 1999. Anyway, my mother told me I should make friends with this girl while I rolled my eyes. Once in London, I did in fact make friends with her and almost 13 years later, we're still close! 

Lorin is the kind of girl you'd be really jealous of (she's charming, insanely pretty, funny) if she wasn't so damn nice! She modeled and acted for years and after earning a degree in Marketing, is now a Registered Nurse, wife and mother. This girl does it all...including a killer Phoebe Buffay impression.

A candid shot from Lorin's wedding.

1. Three words to describe your style: classic, comfortable and covered in baby drool

2. Desert island beauty product: sunscreen

3. The outfit that never lets you down: jeans, white t shirt and fun jewelry 

4. Signature fragrance: Trish McAvoy Sexy #9 in the summer and Hanae Mori in the winter

5. Fashion Hero:  I wouldn't call her a hero, but I'm incredibly jealous of Gayle Spannaus, the Fashion Director of J.Crew.  Would love to have her closet! 

Thank you, Lorin!

xx JDF