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Fashionable Friends...Stacey!

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Welcome to the 1st installment of Fashionable Friends on NWS! I ask the same 5 questions each week to one of my friends with unique personal style. This week I asked Stacey Frasca (makeup artist and, in another life, an ex-coworker of mine) to share her answers. Stacey is gorgeous, incredibly talented, funny and so, so kind.


1. Three words to describe your style: casual, comfy and pretty


2. Desert island beauty product: mascara...and eyeliner...and foundation



3. The outfit that never lets you down: My fave LBD, of course!



4. Signature fragrance: Trish McEvoy #9 Blackberry & Vanilla



5. Fashion Hero: Candice Wu! She's a Boston designer and I love her. I did the makeup for her look book.

Stacey recently established her own makeup studio in Wellesley, Massachusetts and launched her line of beautiful cosmetics, available to the world on! I love her entire line but I especially adore her range of creamy and moisturizing lipsticks...

Thank you, Stacey!

xx JDF