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brow basics...

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Eyebrows can make a big impact - either good or bad, depending on how you allow them to frame your face. The best advice I can share is to find and commit yourself to an expert who will handle the shaping and taming. Then, with the right tools you can easily maintain between appointments.

* I adore the Anastasia Brow Wiz tool because the tip is super fine and the spoolie at the other end means you don't have to use a separate brush. Apply using short strokes to define your brows and fill in any gaps then use the spoolie to blend the color for the most natural look.

* Clear mascara (no need to spend lots of money on this) is the best for taming unruly brows. Mine are a little curly so this is a must for me. Plus, I enjoy a little bit of shine for my brows. I've always been jealous by how Demi Moore's brows seem to glisten!

* Invest in a great pair of tweezers with a slant tip. I only advise grabbing obvious stray hairs and always plucking at a distance from the mirror to lessen the chance of over-harvesting. Tweezerman is my brand of choice because they offer free sharpening for the life of your tweezers.

There are brow "trends" from time to time but I say ignore those and stick with a classic, full and well groomed shape. No need to channel Brooke Shields but for crying out loud, stay far, far away from pencil thin Pamela Anderson brows!