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why don't you...

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...breathe new life into an aging piece of furniture?

Many moons ago I was given an antique slipper chair that once belonged to a glamorous ancestor.  While pretty, over the years the chair took on a sad, threadbare appearance.  I decided a makeover was in order and picked out a wild and bright fabric!


The cream satin was once bright and elegant but had become dull. The lumpy and worn out springs would groan when sat upon (no fat jokes please) and the legs of the chair were uninspiring in color, shape and condition.


I tried for green leopard but couldn't find a cost effective option so I went with green zebra.  The springs were replaced, matching buttons and cording created and a box pleat skirt added to hide the legs. Now THIS would make my glamcestor proud (just made that up on the spot, thank you)!

ps - Isn't my porcelain, flea market kitty adorable? My husband doesn't quite think so...