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from guns to glamour...

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Yes, you read that correctly. The elegant bracelets that make up the Caliber Collection from an NWS fave, Jewelry for a Cause, are made from guns and bullet casings seized by the Newark Police Department. What an amazing transformation these weapons have undergone to become stylish arm candy!

In addition to the new Caliber Collection, Jewelry for a Cause, created by Jessica Mindich, offers a lovely collection of silver Talisman necklaces that support various charities, In Gratitude recycled newspaper necklaces crafted by Ugandan women and custom bracelets that can be used as a fundraising or marketing tool for your organization. Essentially, all of the beautiful baubles by Jewelry for a Cause have a deeper meaning and purpose, making it easy to be a fan of Mindich's brand.

Jessica Mindich, creator of Jewelry for a Cause

Check out the full steel and brass Caliber Collection here.