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pregnancy is hard...

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I'm firmly in the third trimester of my second (and final) pregnancy. My first pregnancy was a dream - I felt so great and happy that I could have gone on being pregnant forever. This time? Oy...

This pregnancy has zapped my energy, my hair and skin are blah and my style has slowly been sucked away. I have massive lower back pain, can barely manage a quick trip to Target (sadness) and have hormones that make me quite crabby at times. I have been doing a bit of yoga and am trying to be as organic as possible with my food and beauty choices but I can't say I always succeed on that front.

In terms of style, I do have a little bit going for me this time around. I no longer work in an office so I don't have to worry about what's work appropriate. I've embraced a very easy uniform of black leggings and tanks under cozy cardigans and have been heavily relying on accessories and jewels to keep things as interesting as possible. As soon as I get home I throw on large men's sweatpants and a t shirt...the epitome of chic, right? 

my belly at 30 weeks...check out my outie!

priority parking for the helpful!

I know there have been many pregnant women before me with the same feelings and I certainly won't be the last. In fact, I'm so thankful to have a cadre of friends that can relate. And, in the grand scheme of things, these issues of mine take a backseat to the more serious complications of other pregnancies.

The bottom line is...I don't know what the bottom line is. I'm just a little frustrated and needed to vent. I see a nap in my near future...

A few little things that have been bringing me joy during these last few weeks:

* peppermint tea

* Origins Ginger Body Gloss

* belly hugs and kisses from my 4 year old boy

* a kick ass Alexis Bittar ring that I want to wear 24 hours a day

* perusing Pinterest for nursery decor and baby announcement ideas