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Our Holiday Gift Tradition

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Every year, my husband and I exchange Moleskine notebooks for Foxmas (our pet name for the holidays). While we're both tech junkies and rely heavily on our iPhones and iPads, we both still love the feeling of putting pen to paper and cherish these beautiful books. We archive them once filled, so they've become a defacto diary-slash-scrapbook of our personal and professional lives. Now, our 6 year old son has taken a shine to them and is following in our footsteps. 

Over the years, Moleskine has added niche notebooks for every interest. From wine, beer, food and travel journals, limited edition StarWars, Hello Kitty and Simpson theme books, to a rainbow of cover colors, sizes and paper options, these elegant notebooks make a great gift for everyone on your list - one that's truly appreciated and never goes unused.

Shop the vast array of Moleskine notebooks and get working on chipping away at your gift list.

Every Monday from now until Christmas Day, I'll be posting kick@$$ gift guides to help you along. 

Stay tuned for awesome ideas, all under $100!