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Five Second Style Tips

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So many beauty tips, so little time. But start here. Employ these quick little gems every day. It's the best advice I could give (and remember to take). 

* Smile! People are drawn to happy faces + smiling is infectious. Bonus: A pretty lip color and glistening pearly whites boost the effect.

* Stand Up Straight! Bad posture gives the appearance of extra pounds and makes clothing look frumpy. Head up, shoulders back but relaxed. As my former figure skating coach used to say, "Put your sky hook on!" <-- She told me to envision a cable suspended from the sky, clipped to my chest, lifting me up and away. This is something that just refuses to leave my brain.

* Look People in the Eyes! Think of President Bill Clinton. Everyone always says how he makes whoever he's speaking to feel like the most important person in the room. He holds their gaze and focuses on them in that moment. I believe this is just one of the many reasons certain people (ahem) find him so sexy. I only hope that one day I can experience his gaze first hand... 

Keep it funky.