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Style Multitaskers

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I've always been a big fan of multi-tasking products - who wouldn't be? Anything that does double duty (or more) is worth its weight in gold, in my style book. 

* Stila Convertible Color is one of my beauty staples because it takes the place of separate lip color and blush containers in my makeup bag AND is easily and best applied with a finger, eliminating a need for a makeup brush. The colors are gorgeous and look natural on the skin.

* The DKNY Cozy wrap sweater is a genius multitasker that I've worn to death these last few years. It might be time to buy a fresh one.

* Paul Mitchell was the first "salon quality" hair care line I tried (and could afford) as a pre-teen. I thought I was so cool when I made that first purchase. What a dork. I still have a soft spot for The Conditioner, a cleanly scented leave in hair conditioner, effective shave cream and body moisturizer -- a triple threat. I still use it from time to time. * A sweep of their website indicates to me that The Conditioner might have been discontinued. What a shame. Buy it on Amazon while supplies last. 



Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap can be used to clean babies and adults, homes, dishes, clothes, makeup brushes, toys and cars...and pretty much anything else you can think of. Brilliant. I am never without a bottle.

And my new fave that inspired this post, the Vinyasa Scarf by lululemon. I just found out about it a few weeks ago and since then, I've been seeing them everywhere - online and in person. With 10+ ways to wear it (cute video tutorial), I know it will be a valuable component of my Fall/Winter wardrobe, whether I'm yoga-ing or not. It must be a wildly popular item because it goes in and out of stock on their website and in their stores in the blink of an eye. Your best bet is more than likely eBay, where I happened to snag mine for just a few dollars over the retail price. Happy hunting!

Keep it funky. JDF


ps - Does anyone remember a store called UNITS? Very popular in the late 1980's (maybe a little before, maybe a little after, I can't remember), UNITS sold about 8 minimalist silhouettes in dresses, tees and leggings. Every piece was offered in the same jersey knit and the same 6 or so colors for countless mix and match combos. I loved it. The best piece was a circular piece of fabric that could be worn as a tube top or mini skirt when stretched out or as a belt when scrunched. It was my first multi-tasking piece and DAMN, I wish UNITS was still in business today.